Published on โ€Ž04-14-2023 12:16 PM by Visitor III | Updated on โ€Ž05-17-2023 08:41 AM

Click here to sign up for the workshop! 

Come share your experience, feedback and insights around using Jamf Pro on a mobile device (phone or tablet).

  • Wednesday, May 17 @ 9am PDT (12pm ET)
  • 60 minutes

Participation may be limited and will close when full.  

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Wed, May 17, 2023 09:00 AM PDT
Wed, May 17, 2023 10:00 AM PDT
Visitor III
Visitor III

Hello - this week's workshop will focus on the Jamf Pro Mobile Experience.  Please sign up via Calendly to reserve your spot!


Valued Contributor II

Why was this calendly shown to me in Eastern Time at the time of booking??? This has been such a wasted opportunity of feedback.

To clarify: I completely missed this because I was asleep.  I sincerely thought it was 9AM Pacific.  This registration experience has been awful.

Hi bradtchapman, I apologize for the mixup and the complicated signup process. This page is incorrect and the Calendly/Zoom link you have is correct. The workshop is in one hour if you are able to join!

Oh, great!  Thank you!  Yes, looking forward to it.

That said, please make sure you get in the zoom before the 2-minute cutoff time! I'd hate for your frustrations to be compounded by you missing the session and we want to learn your mobile thoughts.

(Checks time) ... god **bleep** it. 

Who is "mav_eric_jx" and why is this user automatically kudo'ing my comments?  


Seriously this whole process has been THE most infuriating thing ever.  

You owe it to your customers with a second round of feedback solicitation and a very clear sign up / registration process.  

Hi Brad, I'm glad we were able to get you in today! Thanks for bringing the time zone problems and tooling issues to our attention. Your feedback in the session was excellent.

Thank you for the late admission.  I was very glad to participate and hopefully everyone got something useful out of the meeting.  I hope your team can work out the kinks in the scheduling process.

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email at 430BST for todays workshop at 5BST. Click link to calendy immediately to be told 'nothing in may'

Confused.. Can we have a link to an output / something? 



Hi, we are trying to see where this went wrong. Was the email from Calendly, Nation, or someone else? If it was Calendly, then the session was full. 


It sounds like todayโ€™s session was already full at the time you clicked the Calendly link to sign up (we have a limited number of participant spots for each workshop).  Please sign up ASAP for one of our upcoming workshops using the Calendly link in the Event description.

Here's what I got this morning from at 5:30 AM Pacific, for a session that was supposed to start at 9:00 AM:


Hello @bradtchapman,

Research Workshop: Jamf Pro Mobile Experience will start in 30 minutes at 06:00 AM

Event Start Date:05-17-2023 06:00 AM US/Pacific
Event End Date:05-17-2023 07:00 AM US/Pacific



This is an EVENT in the Jamf Nation community.  The time for these events was set by the organizer, in this case @JenniferS .  It appears to have been fixed sometime this morning, because I received a second email reminder at 8:30 AM for a meeting starting at 9:00 AM.