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Have you heard about Jamf Educator?

Why do I need this?Let's start with that Why. Really its because teachers have a high workload, and we want to help you reduce that, Jamf Teacher will support you in your use of technology, from restricting access to tools on the iPad, limiting apps ...  View more

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 15.34.36.png Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 15.38.35.png
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Naming scheme rework

Hi All, I am looking to overcome an issue that I have when using a prestage enrollment or any enrollment for that matter. When completing the OOBE I am asked to create a local administrator account, which tends to be a service account that I have bee...  View more

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Migrating User Data to DEP Macs

So, I just got into Jamf recently and am diving headfirst into DEP Macs. [I love it] One snag that I've hit so far is that whichever account I log into first becomes the MDM account and I cannot delete the account (Or apparently change the account af...  View more

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