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Have you heard about Jamf Educator?

Why do I need this?Let's start with that Why. Really its because teachers have a high workload, and we want to help you reduce that, Jamf Teacher will support you in your use of technology, from restricting access to tools on the iPad, limiting apps ...  View more

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 15.34.36.png Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 15.38.35.png
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Do your students bypass filtering with VPNs?

Check out the latest from Jamf Consulting Engineer Anthony Darlow - he shares how Jamf Safe Internet has recently added On-Device Content Filtering (ODCF). Not sure what this? Apple provides this technology as part of iOS and iPadOS. ODCF enables net...  View more

how-to-on-device-content-filtering-with-jamf-safe-internet.png how-to-on-device-content-filtering-with-jamf-safe-internet.png
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Introducing Jamf Nation education community

Hello Jamf Nation! As you may have noticed, we began making some larger-than-normal changes to Jamf Nation, starting with My Assets and Jamf ID. Jamf Nation is the largest Apple IT admin community on the internet. With that, this community enjoys a h...  View more

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School Closures and e-Learning Resources

Hello Jamf Nation! As most of the US and other Countries are facing school closures, I wanted to begin the dialogue between Teachers and IT Admins all across our Jamf Nation Community. Please use this post as a means of sharing your best practices fo...  View more

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