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Disable Auto-Capitalize via JAMF?

Hello. I will be preparing iPads very soon for next school year. The K-2 teachers would like auto-capitalize turned off as it defeats the purpose of teaching when to use them. This involves 200+ iPads. Worse comes to worse I could do it individually ...  View more

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Secure Tokens for startosinstall

I know secure tokens get a lot of airtime around here but I wanted to know if anyone has any solution to granting secure tokens from an execution Policy payload. I am managing 500 machines for a school. A large issue I am having is the inability for ...  View more

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Introducing Jamf Nation education community

Hello Jamf Nation! As you may have noticed, we began making some larger-than-normal changes to Jamf Nation, starting with My Assets and Jamf ID. Jamf Nation is the largest Apple IT admin community on the internet. With that, this community enjoys a h...  View more

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Migrating user data to Managed Apple IDs

Has anyone here done a mass migration from the old institutional Apple IDs to Managed Apple IDs? I manage the Apple devices at a school district, and I need to get about 500 staff members moved over to Managed Apple IDs, but I am concerned about the ...  View more

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