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Jamf Connect macOS 14.2 Upgrade Requirement

Due to an unexpected issue (PI115107) with the upcoming release of macOS 14.2, all customers must update to Jamf Connect version 2.29.0. For Mac computers with macOS 14.2 or later and a version of Jamf Connect earlier than 2.29.0, all users who start...  View more

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Managed Local Administrator Account Deletion

Hi,I am trying to delete a Managed Local Administrator Account from a number of our Macs via Policy Push. Of the number of devices this policy is targeting 6% are failing and the log simply states 'Unable to delete User ****'. When manually performin...  View more

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Viewing details in mdm enrollment profiles

There is a file MDMOverrides.plist that contains approvals pushed from JAMF. It's located at /Library/Application Support/com.Apple.TCC . But in new system versions of MacOS it isn't able to read that file because of SIP protected. However, I know ab...  View more

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Jamf Connect: <key>LAPSUser</key>

So why is this key not standardly available in both the Jamf Pro config settings as well as the Jamf Connect Configuration application?And why can't I find a manual that explains to me how I can add this LAPSUser to my exisitng plist config? Any help...  View more

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Jamf Connect Login Okta Migrate local users

Hi, Trying to force Jamf Connect Login to migrate local user that is already exist on the Mac to an Okta attached user that is not the same username.When I login with my Okta user it's just asks to create a local password and then create the new user...  View more

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