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Last Inventoried not updating

I have the following issue: Most of my clients (macOS 13 & macOS 14) do not inventory anymore. Last check-in is always up to date. The apps I pushed via the VPP are stuck on installing. Only when i log into a clients machine with the administrator ac...  View more

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Jamf now Inventory

Hi Guys, I was looking for tools to manage environments with a lot of Macos equipment and I just got to know JAMF. I have currently tested the JAMF version now. My main question is about MacBook Pro management. Can I get a list of all programs instal...  View more

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more information in inventory of jamf now?

hi, I miss on the inventory-page from jamf now the following information for macintosh hardware:- size of memory- processor (i5, i7) and processor speed and an export-function as csv-file would be great. nothing ist possible at the moment, at least I...  View more

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