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Jamf Pro 10.32.1 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we're releasing a hotfix for Jamf Pro that addresses a recently responsibly disclosed security issue.We strongly recommended that you upgrade to Jamf Pro 10.32.1 as soon as possible. The following CVE is addressed by this release...  View more

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What's new in Jamf Pro 10.32 Release

Update: This release includes fixes for security vulnerabilities and it is recommended that you upgrade to Jamf Pro 10.32.0 as soon as possible. The following CVEs are addressed by this release: [PI-006352] CVSS 8.3 https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cven...  View more

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Packaging Printer with Installation Script

I am trying to create a printer installation package using composer and a package app. I made a modified snapshot capturing the install of the printer via system preferences. I am inserting this payload into the packages app and trying to leverage a ...  View more

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Deployed App shows up as PowerPC?

I've been using our JSS (version 9.93) to push apps out to our labs (running Mac OS 10.11.6.) I have one app that has been giving me trouble - the Prinergy Evo client. It installed fine in the VM I used to create the package, but when I deploy it to ...  View more

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Automatic Google Drive and Chrome Login

Good afternoon everyone, I have a question and I'm not sure if its possible. We have a couple of computer carts in a school with multiple users on each computer. Each one has the same multiple users, but each one has 5 users (one for each grade). I w...  View more

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Interactive Input for Flat Package(s) - Composer

If you're a Casper Suite customer, this discussion may not be helpful or relevant. We're currently a Bushel MDM subscriber and we are still imaging our systems with a custom AutoDMG image (that changes monthly), which integrates some customization, s...  View more

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Creating packages in Composer best practices?

When creating new packages in Composer do you log into your "packaging computer" using Root, hidden admin account or yourself? I've been doing this for years but i am running into a issue where I create packages in Composer while logged into the Mac ...  View more

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Copy plist file for filemakerpro

I am having an issue coping a file into the current user Library/Preferences See below I have tried replacing the cp with mv,ditto and sudo in frontI have also tried putting the file in /tmpAre post install scripts able to run sudo commands? !/bin/sh...  View more

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Composer - What to do with Users directory?

Hi, I'm using Composer more and more now to get software packaging image. When I do a snapshot, then install an application, then do a second snapshot, sometime (most of the time) there are changes in Users/ directory. Because the directory is under ...  View more

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SPSS 24 Deployment

Hello JN, I attempted packing SPSS 23 about a year or so ago. I was successful in capturing a snapshot that worked great on the machine I built it on. But as explained here ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/analytics/spss/documentation/statistics/24....  View more

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Junos Pulse Secure

HI Jamf Nation, I am running into a weird issue in which installing Junos Pulse when installed manually is able to start and add connections just fine. However, when packaging the app in Composer using the normal snapshot method, and packaged as a DM...  View more

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Setting Adobe Preferences

Bit of a long shot, but I'm sure there must be lots of people on here who are supporting Adobe users.Does anyone have any experience defining preferences for Adobe apps through Casper? I'm imagining a Fill Exisiting User/User Template scenario.I have...  View more

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FUT/FEU Dock Question

Now that I have been running JAMF in production for a few months, Im planning a "Phase II" that includes getting rid of a legacy monolithic User Template folder that I have been using since my pre-JAMF days. Its a crusty boat anchor that I want to ki...  View more

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Adobe Master Collection 6 serial number

I need to upgrade our lab computers from Master collection 5.5 to 6. We use deploy Studio when we image the computers and from what I can see I got a script, a 5.5 DMG and a serial number package and that pretty much installs master collection withou...  View more

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Cisco NX-OS requirements for cross subnet NetBooting.

This was not easy to come by directly asking Cisco but below are the details about what is needed to do DHCP-Relay or as called in the past helper address. When you enable option 82 on the NX-OS device, the following sequence of events occurs:1. Desc...  View more

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