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Jamf Pro 10.32.2 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we are making an update for Jamf Pro available to include fixes for the MDM commands table that caused some Jamf Pro server performance issues and prevented apps from updating. A cloud upgrade is scheduled for this weekend, see b...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.32.1 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we're releasing a hotfix for Jamf Pro that addresses a recently responsibly disclosed security issue.We strongly recommended that you upgrade to Jamf Pro 10.32.1 as soon as possible. The following CVE is addressed by this release...  View more

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ASM device model info suddenly wrong?

Anyone else seeing oddities in the "new" Apple School Manager? I searched Devices for a serial today, for a MacBook Air 2020, and the result showed "iMac 21.5" for the model with that same serial number. You can't see it but I have a puzzled face. Th...  View more

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DEPNotify with Big Sur

Anyone testing DEPNotify and Big Sur? I am using it in a prestage for DEP and a policy for manual enrollments, but I am prompted on both to accept the Application as it was downloaded from the internet. (I did not download this from slack from the DE...  View more

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Computer PreStage and API

Hi everyone, Have you ever tried to update a PreStage Enrollment through the v2 API?I'm trying to create a python script that will update the customPackageIds of said PreStage Enrollment when certain packages have a new version available. This always...  View more

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How to Fix Broken Profiles

You may have encountered Macs with broken profiles that are not removable no matter what you do. When profiles break, management communication between the Jamf Pro server and a Mac has been lost and the profiles that have been previously set become s...  View more

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BeyondTrust requires administrative credentials

Hello, I'm currently working to get BeyondTrust PAM working, and I am stuck with one thing.Now first of all, everything works until after the PAM installation and configuration I restart the Mac.In short version, as we are testing, he have settings t...  View more

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Apps Slow to Appear on Device - Using LDAP Groups

Hello all, we recently deployed 750 or so iPads and it seems that they can be slow to receive all of the apps scoped to them. We use Google LDAP so the user authenticates during setup on the iPad. Some apps are scoped to all devices and those come do...  View more

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dep notify self service restart rather than close silently

In working with @stevewood's excellent script I was able to get everything working, but some of the apps want a logout or reboot. I went to the Depnotify readme and plugged in the commands at the end of the script, but it seems to pop up right away w...  View more

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Enrollment Complete Policies Not Running + DEPnotify

My DEPnotify policy is set to trigger on "Enrollment Complete". It seems as though the trigger only works half the time. I just tried enrolling 3 machines and the policy never ran. I ended up having to run the "DEPnotify (do not delete)" policy manua...  View more

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DEP Notify & Catalina

All of my policies are pushing out correctly in my policy array but the DEP Screen isn't popping up on users' machines. This worked fine with my High Sierra and Mojave machines but not for Catalina. Anything I need to do for Catalina?  View more

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DEPNotify - Policies failing - "Operation not permitted"

I am curretnly having issues with DEPNotify on Catalina Machines.This was not an issue on High Sierra or Mojave. All the packages are on a SMB share & are failing mount the share and then install packages. We are Jamf Pro 10.17.1. Having read this ar...  View more

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easiest way to remove Apple's preinstalled Apps

We've ben finding that Apple's pre-loaded apps (Numbers, Pages, garage band, etc) are flagging as having updates, despite the App Store being locked down and the machine's enrolled in DEP. What's the easiest way to remove those preinstalled apps so t...  View more

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DEP Catalina install not pulling data

In testing, even though the Mac is checking in it is not pulling application, package receipts etc into jamf pro. Also the machine name isn't DEP - (Serial number) on the Mac. It supposed to report as L(Serial Number) back to jamf pro. This has alway...  View more

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APNS Issues...Among Other Things

Hello all. This upgrade to 10.22.1 has come with some challenges. I have an open ticket with Jamf, but I'm in a bind and on a time crunch so I'm reaching out to the community for ideas. We have Jamf Cloud and starting yesterday no device can be enrol...  View more

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自動デバイス登録の更新方法と簡単なトラブルシュートの方法を説明します。 注意:・特になし。 自動デバイス登録証明書をアップロードしても登録済みのコンピュータ / デバイスに影響は与えません。 自動登録を必要とするコンピュータ / デバイスのみが影響を受けますので、自動登録を開始される前に正しい証明書をアップロードすれば問題は発生しません。・ぜひ意見交換をして下さい ・自動デバイス登録の更新方法1:トークンの更新のみASM / ABMより1)ASM / ABMにログイン。2)画面左枠よりSetti...  View more

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End of year device release - iPadOS

Hello, We are in the midst of releasing school issued iPads to the ownership of their graduating students. In previous years our process was as follows.1. Collect devices from students.2. Release devices from DEP/ASM.3. Wipe device.4. Return to stude...  View more

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DEP vs. Non-DEP / iMacs that are donated

Good Afternoon JAMFers, Our district is on the receiving end of some donated iMacs that are being purchased through Apple, by some other 3rd party and then being donated to our district. Both the 3rd Party and Apple for whatever reason don't want to ...  View more

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Deleting DEP on the jss and Replacing. Problems?

Hi Everyone. Really dumb question. I'll try to be as brief as possible. Have a problem where DEP is not communicating with our jss. Error "Sync Failed. Awaiting Next Sync. I've tried a new token upload but every time I get an "Problem Contacting Appl...  View more

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Released Device Came BACK to Jamf/DEP

So long story short, I had someone who bought 2 personal iPhones back in November 2017 and they somehow got linked to our account by an Apple rep. After we figured this out, I released them from our DEP account, he wiped both the iPhones, and all was...  View more

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No Remote Management prompt after clean OS install

After a clean install of macOS Catalina, the device does not recognise that it is remotely managed. Instead after connecting to wifi (corporate or hotspot) it takes you to the usual setup steps for a brand new device, Transfer data, created local acc...  View more

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