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Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta is now available!

Hello Jamf Nation! The Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta Release features a number of exciting improvements and enhancements for managing your Apple devices. Starting with 11.8.0, Jamf Pro admins will be able to set a minimum OS for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads t...  View more

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Lost Mode Licensing

Afternoon everyone, I just wanted to gauge best practice around managing stolen / lost devices within Jamf.So if we have a bunch of devices lost or stolen and we activate lost mode, the device will stay as an active record within Jamf.If we were to "...  View more

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Convert managed iPhone to BYOD?

Is there a good established recipe for converting a company-supplied, Jamf-managed iPhone into a BYOD device? My company is offering this as a preferred option for its sales force, and I want to make sure I do it right.My intuition is:1. Remove from ...  View more

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Removing Managed Apps from Dead Mobile Devices

Has anyone had any luck with removing managed apps from mobile devices that had died and won't turn on? We have already removed them from the scope of all apps that were originally assigned to them, but this isn't freeing up the license to the apps b...  View more

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Comparing iOS device names with serial number

I'm trying to create a smart group that compares the device name with the serial number of the device and reports which ones are the same. Basically trying to find out which devices have not been renamed to fit in with our naming convention. Has anyo...  View more

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Mass iPad deployment questions/help

Hello, I am hoping I can get my questions answered here. One of our colleges is about to purchase 800+ iPads and possibly want them enrolled in Jamf (which we are recommending). The config is very simple, no real management, they just want apps, book...  View more

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iOS Dissable wifi and and create contacts

Sorry my question is a two part issue, but I thought it was better than making two posts about it. I'm just trying to configure in iOS to disable the wifi entirely from the device "and use cellular only" and then also create contacts that have to be ...  View more

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Jamf and VMware Workspace ONE on same device

Has any worked with both of these agents on the same device(s)? Execs want all the devices (inventory) in a single pane of glass. So Workspace one is getting a POC. Right now we aren't managing iOS devices with JAMF. Can I DEP and VPP with two differ...  View more

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Report only devices with VPP app

I have a paid VPP that that I purchased 166 licenses for and deployed via Jamf using device-based VPP licensing. My scope is "all users" but limited to an LDAP user group. This allowed us to control the app deployment through active directory, but it...  View more

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Jamf 10.12.0 - Inventory Preload doesn´t work

Hey guys, we are running a jamf multi context environment.Our production contexts are on 10.10.1 and inventory preload works great.Yesterday we upgraded our test context to 10.12.0 and inventory preload doesn´t work.Error message is "file extension n...  View more

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Report of Mail - Configured

hello Jamf Nation, hope you all are doing great. We have the following issue, we have more that 600 iPad on our campus, some how an IT user configure a lot of them through apple configurator (yes, we dont have DEP in South America Yet). by mistake a ...  View more

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get Activation Lock Bypass Code by script / API

Hello,I have few iPad who get lock by activation lock, I would like to grab the code from command line ...I found that site https://github.com/dnikles/removeActivationLock who explain how to do ... but the Phyton part is not working when you have the...  View more

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Unmanaged iPad still says it is supervised

Hello all, We unmanage our devices we give to students after graduation as they get to keep them once they finish. I noticed that after I unmanaged the device and the command removed self service and the profiles that the devices still say they are s...  View more

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Import of new classes via ASM failed in JamfPro

Does anyone have a problem related to import of new classes from Apple School Manager in to JamfPro? I can just import classes wich have a manual source not those who have source via SFTP. We are using Jamf Pro ver. 10.11.1-t1553545638  View more

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Inventory Preload Problem

If we upload a file it will be recognized as valid. If we want to save the page nothing happens. Just a short loading animation. The CSV file is not saved.We have tried it in four different browsers and devices (Mac, Laptop, iPad)  View more

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Deleting All Users from a Shared iPad

I have created a Greasemonkey script that add a "Remove All" button to JAMF for shared users. You will need the Greasemonkey extension (or similar ie. tampermonkey) and the script here JDSS. I've only tested with Greasemonkey and the latest Firefox b...  View more

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Install Command to Excluded Devices?

Hello, I'm seeing commands getting sent to iPads for an app that's set to automatic install on devices that are in the exclusion list. It doesn't seem to be causing problems, but every excluded iPad I've looked at has it sitting in the pending comman...  View more

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Smart Group Email

Good Afternoon, I am trying to figure out how to email the members of a smart group once a week (or once a day). We have a smart group set up for users who's iPads have 20% or less charge remaining and we'd like the system to email the users to remin...  View more

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Managed Shared iPad History - Profile List

Hi there, Our Managed Shared iPad used to generate a Profile List entry with the user's appleId when they logon. (see attached screenshot below). We used that to determine which user used it last. Since last week, when users logon, it no longer gener...  View more

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Keeping Track of App Licenses

Just wondering how others are keeping track of required licenses since the JSS still doesn't have the option (The FR only has 54 upvotes sadly). We currently have a spreadsheet that had all the apps imported from the JSS, then we manually found the p...  View more

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