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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Getting fade up.

This whole Jamf Pro thing is a gimmick. One will imagine that it will do the basic things other MDMs do like:1 Easily promoting a user from Admin to standard and back with just a click just (Jump Cloud does that).2 Easily deleting/remove user account...  View more

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Toggle Screenshots on and Off

I have been asked to look into disabling screenshots for some of our users due to an application that they use that has access to sensitive data. Because I don't hate our users I want to ONLY disable screenshots when that application is open. I have ...  View more

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Secure Tokens - Local Account PW Change

We have a local account on all of our Mac systems. It's a full Admin, FV2 enabled account that is used primarily by support. At this point the PW for this account is widely known and we would like to change that PW and put it on a 90 day rotation sch...  View more

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Introducing the Jamf Nation Bug Liaison

Hello Jamf Nation! My name is Brad Schroeder and I’m a Software Engineer on the Jamf Nation team. In an effort to better connect our development team with the Jamf Nation Community we are creating a more helpful way to report bugs found on the Jamf N...  View more

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Jamf ID is Live on Jamf Nation!

Hey Jamf Nation,We are happy to report that Jamf ID is now live on Jamf Nation! This means that anyone who logged in since this post has now been successfully migrated. If you are a user that had both a Jamf Nation and a Training account that share a...  View more

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DE - Call for speakers promo on Jamf Nation

Jamf Nation Berlin 2020 - Speaker gesucht! Am 14. Mai 2020 macht unser Jamf Nation Event zum ersten Mal Stopp in der deutschen Hauptstadt. Dieses Jahr wird größer, vielseitiger und spannender als je zuvor – es wird für jeden etwas dabei sein. Wir suc...  View more

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Jamf Nation - Updates to My Assets

Hello Jamf Nation!We are happy to announce some changes to the My Assets experience that we’ve just released. The goal of these changes was to highlight the important parts of My Assets and, in general, make everything a little easier to find. I’ve s...  View more

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Introducing Jamf ID to Jamf Nation!

Hello Jamf Nation! Today, we are excited to announce Jamf ID. Jamf ID allows you to access both Jamf Nation and Training using one set of login credentials — a big step in providing a unified and seamless login experience. On Thursday, February 20, w...  View more

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Push Notification Certificate has expired

I am attempting to renew our Push Notification Certificate. I am following the steps provided but when I put in the Jamf Nation credentials I get a message that the account has not been validated. I have searched in our previous employees emails for ...  View more

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Site Maintenance May 9th - 13th, 2019

Hello Jamf Nation! We'll be doing some site maintenance May 9th - 13th, 2019 that will impact the availability of some Jamf Nation features. The following features will not be available during this time: My Assets Beta Programs Store & Shopping Cart ...  View more

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April Fool's Easter Egg 2019

Hello Jamf Nation - The Jamf Nation team has been hard at work paying down some tech debt, so we haven't had a ton to share for a few months. However, we did plant a fun little April Fool's Easter Egg for you. A clue can be found in our favorite song...  View more

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How to new company in developer list?

i want to add my product in third party products lists. i tried to add the product as a New Developer (as my company name is not showing in the developers list). But it shows the following error :Error: Only established members of the Jamf Nation Com...  View more

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Display username on lockscreen or background?

Hi We will start using jamf very soon and i wonder if it's possible to do the following. On the Ipad display the students full name or username on the lockscreen or the background/wallpapper if the ipad? Username is created in Active Directory/Azure,...  View more

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What's New on Jamf Nation - November & December 2018

Season’s Greetings from the Jamf Nation team! Here’s what’s new on Jamf Nation since early October. Jamf Nation- You are now able to manage JNUC Mini-Events, User Group Events, and Tags that you follow from your Follows page.- Jamf Connect is now ava...  View more

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Mac choice program Implementation

Hi, I was checking out the prevention IBM gave at this years Jamf event and was wondering if anyone had implemented or trying to implement the IBM Mac Choice Programs?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UjEzQ-GlzY I would like to implement something lik...  View more

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What's New on Jamf Nation - September & October 2018

Hello Jamf Nation - Hope you are well! Here is a brief list of the features we’ve implemented on Jamf Nation since my last update in August. Keep the feedback coming in the comments below or come see us at our JNUC booth. Jamf Nation – New Features a...  View more

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