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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Jamf DEP deployment - Enrollment Complete Trigger

Background: I'm a new system administrator taking / primary for setting up the jamf pro (web hosted) install for a large community college to replace the monolith imaging / deployment studio system we've been using. Trying to make it as automated as ...  View more

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Hack Nights event at JNUC

Greetings all, I'm attending my first JNUC next month, and I've chosen the sessions and so forth, but I just got an email from Jamf about other events that are going on after the sessions. I'm particularly interested in the Hack Nights event, as I am...  View more

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Scripting - internal or external condition

Hello EveryBody, First message, even if I read you all the time. I'm trying to modify a script created by Aaron Baumgarner. that script is to install VLC. Actually we have here a cloud based proxy. I would like to modify the script to cross that prox...  View more

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Is anyone else suddenly getting notifications for discussions that they've never been a part of? In the last few days, I have started getting posts sent to me out of the blue.  View more

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Filevault Recovery Redirection

If the Mac Filevault is already been enabled by a third party application for example: McAfee. Is it possible to redirect the recovery key on JAMF using the FileVault Recovery Key Redirection policy?  View more

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Message on login window after policy finish installing

Hello There, I hope this discussion found everyone well.I would to create a message for the our users / support staff to see after the policy finish installing in login window. I created a message that can be seeing while user logged in but not if no...  View more

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Technical documents search

When I try to search the Technical Documents here on JN, all the results that are returned are in Chinese or some other Asian format. Anyone else having this problem? ~Scott  View more

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What's New on Jamf Nation - August 2018

Hello Jamf Nation! I have just a few items to share this month. Jamf Nation – New Features and Improvements Search Modifier –You can now exclude terms from your search results by putting a ‘-‘ symbol in front of the word you wish to omit from search ...  View more

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Regular Updates on Feature Requests...

Hello Everyone, While technically, this maybe a feature request, I would prefer to get the discussion started before this year's JNUC. Today I was looking up a feature request for seeing where policies, scripts and more are used throughout the JSS. W...  View more

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Support requests created as current user.

My Jamf Nation account is not the 'company' account that is directly linked to the jamf product licenses. I have this account set in my profile as 'company email address' that links it all together.Because of this, whenever I create a support request...  View more

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Make E-Mail digests Text+Link only again

Hi, todays Email Digest came with the new e-mail-design of jamfnation.But there's no list of topics (only topics + whole posts) and it's all with graphics and stuff (while some of them don't get downloaded due to privacy stuff; making it less shiny t...  View more

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What's New on Jamf Nation - June & July 2018

Hello Jamf Nation! We had another big month of improvements and changes for Jamf Nation. Jamf Nation – New Features and Improvements- Our major deliverable since May 24th is redoing our purchasing and course registration experiences. We hope you find...  View more

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Best way to deal with winmail.dat files

Hi Guys, Just wondering how you go about dealing with winmail.dat files in Outlook or Apple Mail? We've recently moved over to Office365 and noticing a lot of staff members complaining about winmail.dat attachments Cheers  View more

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Jamf: Two different Enrolments

Hello guys!I'd like to know if you can help for changing the process of enrolment?We are going to need to different type of enrolment: One for a regular computer for end userOne for Computers in the conference room At the moment the pre-stage is desi...  View more

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Apple TV single App mode

I am looking into using Jamf to manage multiple TV in a education/healthcare settings. I know that I can setup my AppleTV with DEP and Jamf management. Is it possible to have my single app mode play powerpoint show and/or videos. I want varius member...  View more

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What's New on Jamf Nation - May 2018

Hello Jamf Nation! Nice to see you again. Here’s what’s new in Jamf Nation and Jamf One since my post on April 25th, 2018. Jamf Nation - New Features and Improvements• Added ability to sort your search by “Likes.”• Better time zone support! Time stam...  View more

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Refreshing Application Folder

I am working on a script that will prep the Application folder for another user. This will remove all the user installed apps. I have been working on this for a bit and am having trouble finding my mistake. Im sure there are there are other ways to d...  View more

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Hi Everyone I would like some guidance with implementing this. I've added (1_Set_Organization_Priorities.sh & 2_Security_Audit_Compliance.sh) as policy and it works and generate the files in question. But ( 2.5_Audit_List.sh & 2.6_Audit_Count.sh) I d...  View more

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