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Jamf Pro 10.32.2 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we are making an update for Jamf Pro available to include fixes for the MDM commands table that caused some Jamf Pro server performance issues and prevented apps from updating. A cloud upgrade is scheduled for this weekend, see b...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.32.1 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we're releasing a hotfix for Jamf Pro that addresses a recently responsibly disclosed security issue.We strongly recommended that you upgrade to Jamf Pro 10.32.1 as soon as possible. The following CVE is addressed by this release...  View more

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Macbook power related problems

I have an aging fleet of Macbook Pros (mid 2012) that have developed a problem since upgrading to 10.11 El Capitan. The computer will try to boot and power on, but never get to the gray screen, it stays at the black screen. The fan runs, the computer...  View more

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Delpoying CS5 via policy and imaging

Hello everyone, This is my first post in the jamf nation so bear with me. I've created a package of CS5 with my serial key using AAMEE 2.1 and have no issues installing this standalone. Whenever I upload it to the JSS using Casper admin (9.92) it aut...  View more

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Prevent backup of app data

I am reconfiguring management of mobile apps for next school year - and I see "Prevent backup of app data" - I'm not having any luck finding what this does?? Can anyone tell me?  View more

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El Capitan 2016-17 School Year

Just wondering what everyone else is doing for their images for student computers next year? Are you sticking with Yosemite or are you going to El Capitan? We are looking to move to El Capitan and just want to know what kind of issues we are going to...  View more

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Finding Smart Membean chrome extension

There is a cheating service for membean users that logs minutes on the site automatically. Needless to say, the faculty here are not pleased about this. I have found the most popular culprit in the chrome store (Smart membean) and blocked it via chro...  View more

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Blocking multiple SSID's iPads

The school I work at broadcasts 3 SSID's. I do not have control over the SSID's as they are managed centrally. The SSID's connect using 802.1x PEAP and any student can authenticate to them using their username and password. Is it possible to stop stu...  View more

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Mass updates for iOS

Has anyone had any experience trying this? Initial tests on one iPad (from iOS 9.2), then a group of five iPads (from iOS 9.0.2) were promising. All devices updated with no user interaction. The update generally happened within 1 hour of sending the ...  View more

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LanSchool - Dynamic Class Lists from SIS

I'm looking for the best way to have MBAs read two .csv files from an SMB share. We are deploying LanSchool which will read dynamically created class lists. My problem is that if I map that share, everything works as intended, but whenever a teacher ...  View more

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Apple Education Leasing

Hello. As we are considering Apple Education leasing options, it seems that we've narrowed it down to the Fair Market Value Lease and the $1 Purchase Option Lease. While we are leaning towards FMV for our context, I wanted to ask if anyone uses the $...  View more

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K-12 Firewall

Hello Fellow JAMF Nationers, I'm curious what firewall K-12 schools are using out there? We are in the process of looking at replacing our firewall appliance and am curious what others use, with their pros and cons. Thanks in advance!  View more

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