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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Authentication for JamfAAD

For those of you with a jamf/Intune integration, it looks like Jamf has added a notice for JamfAAD atuthentication. You may want to notify your users about these changes. I noticed this after upgrading to Jamf Pro 10.24.2.  View more

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Azure Domain Services

Hello All, I hope all are well. I am seeking some assistance from the community in terms of a recent migration from on-prem AD to Azure. Previously, our user would receive an iPad during new hire training and during setup, they would authenticate at ...  View more

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Intune integration and Device Compliance

Hello, Since implementing the Jamf/Intune Integration that machines will randomly fall out of compliance. Users lose access to their Office 365 suite and they are unable to log into Cisco AnyConnect. The usually get prompted to re-enroll their device...  View more

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Going from Intune MDM only to Jamf Pro

I've read plenty about Jamf -> Jamf integration w/ Intune. However we are trying to go from Intune -> Jamf standalone -or- Jamf integration w/ Intune. Can someone point me in the right direction?One of the biggest concerns we have is a smooth/quick i...  View more

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Mac users experience JAMFAAD Sign-in Errors within O365

Dear Forum Members, I have been getting Sign-in errors for Mac users and I have no clue where to start for the troubleshooting. The configuration on the JAMF side looks solid. We use NoMAD and the error is not occurring at the OS sign-in. Below are t...  View more

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Trying to sync Azure LDAP Groups/ Users

Hey, I hope you are doing well at this time. I'm configuring/ testing Azure LDAP services to Jamf Pro. It works but I have a few questions to receive some background information and to finalize the configuration. 1) I created a new Security Group on ...  View more

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Intune Integration

I have Jamf Conditional Access Set up in Azure. When I install the company portal app from Self Service and log in, I receive the below error message at the bottom. Not sure why.  View more

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Jamf/Intune Question

Hi, We have configured everything in Jamf and Intune and things seem to work ok. I have one question though - when a user initiates enrolment via Self Service, they complete the Company Portal sign in ok and then they are asked to authenticate again ...  View more

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com.jamf.aad.errors code=1

This error shows up in JSS log while trying to register device with Microsoft Company Portal (which installation worked fine). The device shows up fine in intune portal nevertheless. Anyone ever crosses that error message and knows how to remediate t...  View more

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JAMF Intune: last check-in

Hi, we have enabled the Intune integration for JAMF for Conditional Access, and everything works more or less as expected but one thing concerns me: When I check Intune for the "last check-in" it doesn't get updated. Is there any way I can automate/f...  View more

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jamfAAD: Invalid protocol-property list

Hi, when running the command "/usr/local/jamf/bin/jamfAAD gatherAADInfo -verbose" I receive the following error: /usr/local/jamf/bin/jamfAAD gatherAADInfo -verbose verbose: Requesting Azure tenant info from jamf daemon verbose: Requesting device ID f...  View more

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Device listed in Azure but not Intune

Hello, I'm currently integrating my fleet with Microsoft Intune. Most enrollments run smoothly through Self Service. The device appears in Azure AD and Intune; however, I am also beginning to see an issue in which devices appear in Azure but not in I...  View more

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iPad OS may break conditional access

Just heard about this notice from MS so I thought I'd pass along to those that may be implementing Jamf-Intune integration https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4521038/action-required-update-conditional-access-policies-for-ipados  View more

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Intune Extension Attribute

Just wondering if anyone has come up with an extension attribute for Intune integration. Looking to use a smart group to keep track of devices (or users) not yet enrolled in intune.  View more

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PC Name Is Not Sync to Intune

Hi, I've completed to set up Intune integration at Jamf Pro. Currently, in my environment, computer name at intune is same as Intune management name like "username_MacOS_8/1/2019_00:00 AM". Can I sync with Jamf information?  View more

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Jamf Pro - Microsoft InTune integration

Our company has multiple office across the globe, with multiple independent Jamf Pro servers hosted on-prem in different regions (for example, we have a Jamf Pro server in our US office managing our US Mac fleet; we have another in the UK managing ou...  View more

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Removing all Intune files and keychain items

We're still struggling to get our Macs to register with Intune. After each failed attempt, in addition to removing the partial computer entries from Intune, we have to delete every single file and keychain entry that has anything at all to do with In...  View more

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Intune integration issue - compliance checking failed

We use JAMF pro 10.10.1. In company external network, this network with full security control, when we setup JAMF integrated with Intune, all good, we can see Mac registered into Azur AD, company portal installed success, but compliance checking is f...  View more

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InTune integration problem

We've followed all the instructions for setting up InTune integration with our Jamf Server on both sides. When I run the self service policy to get a Mac registered in InTune, it goes through all the steps until it gets to the JamfAAD.app where it ba...  View more

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Intune and O365

We use JAMF pro 10.10.1. In company external network, this network with full security control, when we setup JAMF integrated with Intune, we can see Mac in Azur AD, but conditional access compliance checking is failed, we think during checking, Mac n...  View more

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OneDrive domain bound only sync feature

Good morning Jamf Nation! Has anyone implemented OneDrive and Microsoft InTune in their enterprise and used the "Domain Bound Only Sync Feature"? I'm trying to find answers for those managing Macs that are not domain bound (but using tools such as En...  View more

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Mac not enrolling in Intune

I'm having an issue enrolling macs into Intune but noticed if I "re-enroll" a mac into JAMF then it enrolls into Intune fine. I setup conditional access with Intune on JAMF about a month ago. I noticed there are 3 additional plist files (documented b...  View more

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Jamf > Intune Integration

Hi all, Has anyone got this working correctly? in terms of the Intune piece? We are enrolling into Jamf, then registering into Intune just fine. However our Mac's are not pushing across inventory from Jamf into Intune, in turn we are seeing that devi...  View more

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