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Jamf Pro 10.32.2 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we are making an update for Jamf Pro available to include fixes for the MDM commands table that caused some Jamf Pro server performance issues and prevented apps from updating. A cloud upgrade is scheduled for this weekend, see b...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.32.1 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we're releasing a hotfix for Jamf Pro that addresses a recently responsibly disclosed security issue.We strongly recommended that you upgrade to Jamf Pro 10.32.1 as soon as possible. The following CVE is addressed by this release...  View more

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Mojave 10.14.6

Hi, I'm new to JAMF. I have one task to do is to upgrading OS from 10.14.4 to 10.14.6. As i found a lot of guide but they are .app but if i download the upgrade from Apple it is coming with .dmg than .pkg. There is no .app so all the commend i found ...  View more

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Re-imaged computers don't re-run Patch Policies

If a computer does one of the Patch Policies in Patch Management, the computer is then marked as "Completed". If the computer is wiped and deployed again, it doesn't get patched because Jamf thinks it's already done. What should I be doing for this t...  View more

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Loop in Jamf Patch Management

Hey, when installing Firefox or Chrome Updates with Jamfs built in Patch Management I ran into a problem: This "Attempt 1" loops ~10 times on each device that has to be patched. After this weird loop the version on the targeted device does not change...  View more

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Patch management not updating

Hi all, I have been getting a headache with patch management. I have tried to update adobe acrobat reader, and google chrome on two different machines. I have downloaded the recent update from the 3rd party site as well as from jamf's 3rd party produ...  View more

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Updating Patch Management packages automatically

Hey, my current Patch Management Workflow is to upload the newest version of an app as soon as an update is rolled out. I am doing this for Chrome, Firefox and all Office apps. Over the holidays I ran into the problem that there were new versions rel...  View more

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Microsoft AutoUpdate vs. Jamf Pro Patch Management

Recently I was made aware that Microsoft through their AutoUpdate tool has made Microsoft Office patches a lot smaller in the last several patches. @talkingmoose recently identified this on Twitter which led me to look into it further. My current wor...  View more

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Jamf Pro Patch Definition for OneDrive

The patch definition for OneDrive is no longer following the Production ring. Appreciate Jamf keeping me on stable Enterprise releases, but the built in updater on OneDrive always goes to the Production ring, so my users are constantly getting update...  View more

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Self Service Patches Executing Find of *.VMX Files

Does anyone know why Jamf does a find of *.vmx files when installing application updates via Patch Management? Happens with multiple titles...canceling the update kills the find, and then hitting update again usually goes through quickly without exec...  View more

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Patch Management - Connection Failed

I need to find out what the endpoint hostname or IP is for the patch management section. This site has both firewall rules and proxy servers - It's most likely blocked but I can't determine where it goes to. Can anyone offer the domains and/or IPs th...  View more

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NetSUS Login Issues

After updating my iMac to Catalina, I'm unable to login to the NetSUS web portal. I can access it, and it "processes" my login, but it just redirects me right back to the login prompt. What I have noticed is it redirects from https://netsus.example.c...  View more

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Managing Apple Security Patches

Hello guys, I am pro with scripts, I want add a restart pop-up if script need to restart machine. We want to add restart pop-up with these steps;- Check script's result if there is not security updates to install just quit- Check script's result if t...  View more

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Microsoft Word 16.30.19101301 Patch Management

Hi, Has anyone encountered a weird issue with the latest Microsoft Word patch management.The latest version is 16.30.19101301, same goes to Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint.The problem we have is the large number of the unknown version reported fo...  View more

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VPP app Overridden by patch Policy

Using Microsoft Word for example. VPP version is 16.29.19090802, Patch Policy version is 16.29.19091700. We are in a transition to VPP apps so about half the population has VPP currently. What keeps the Patch Policy from updating the VPP apps to the ...  View more

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Dedicated Vs Standard JAMF cloud instance

Hi All,I am the Lead Technician for my organisations JAMF instance with 1000 iPads and 500 iMacs soon to be 800 iMacs.I received a email from JAMF saying my instance of JAMF is a dedicated instance and would I like to be migrated to a standard instan...  View more

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Safari issue since update?

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone else has seen issues with Safari not opening since the recent update? We've had a few MBPs that won't open Safari at all in the last two days. I've come in this morning and we have two more. Tried restarting and chec...  View more

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Acrobat and activation

Hello Everyone, We have been using Adobe's RUM (Remote Update Manager) successfully to update the 2019 Adobe Creative Cloud. There is one exception though, this is Acrobat. Apparently, until Acrobat is launched on a computer and activated by a user, ...  View more

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Defer software updates for 30 days failing

Hello We have a configuration profile configured to ‘Defer software updates for 30 days’ as part of our Restrictions Configuration Profile. This does not appear to be working.We know the configuration profile itself is working as it also blocks users...  View more

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Patch Management Noob Question

So I have recently started pulling Macs into my JSS after strictly doing mobile devices for the past 5 years. I've been doing a pretty good job of figuring stuff out and navigating hurtles thanks to the JN community!Patch management has been botherin...  View more

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Custom Patch Management Titles

I have multiple applications used in our environment that are not in Patch Management that it would be so nice to be able to use. Is there a way to add "custom" titles to Patch Management?  View more

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