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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Self Service Item URLs don´t work in chrome / gmail

Hello, does anyone uses Self Service Item URLs successfully with chrome / gmail ?For me, when pasting an item URL in a new gmail message, the url wont be recognized as clickable and the recipient is getting a message with an unusable url. I also trie...  View more

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Structuring policies and smart groups

Hey y'all. We've setup our Jamf Pro and our now testing and playing with policies and smart groups. I am curious to see how others have structured and planned their policies and smart groups. We are planning on making as many programs we can availabl...  View more

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Remove Policy from Featured once run

Does anyone know if you can remove a policy from the Featured section in Self Service once it has run? I'm a big fan of the new Run again option for policies, but these clutter the Featured View which makes new and useful policies kinda unnoticable f...  View more

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How dynamic are Active Directory Policy Limitataions?

Have a Self Service Policy that is limited to specific users via an Active Directory group. Client is complaining that they remove a user from the AD group, but the user can still see the policy in Self Service. What's the mechanism here? When will t...  View more

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Patch Management Auto Quit Applications

Hey folks, I'm running Jamf Pro 10 and I love the new Patch Management. One issue I'm running into is how applications are forced to quit in order to be updated. While for some apps that's great but for something like Adobe Flash which can be updated...  View more

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App Store High Sierra is now a partial download

To upgrade our clients to High Sierra we used to- push High Sierra.app via VPP to all eligible clients- have a smart group that monitors if a device has the installer- a policy scoped on that group that runs the installer. Since last week the policy ...  View more

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OS upgrade issues

I've created a policy that caches the install for macOS High Sierra ad distributed to test machines. I then have a smart group created that adds machines with the install cached. Once in the smart group, another policy that just executes that cached ...  View more

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Can a Policy Trigger Running a Script on the MDM?

Dear Experts, I wonder whether it is possible to have a policy run a script on the MDM instead of the client. We have a script on the MDM that extracts some information from an external database and fills some extension attributes. We run that script...  View more

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Random "network connection was interrupted" errors

JSS 9.100, RHEL6. HTTP distribution point and failover For the past few weeks (2-3) we've been seeing random policy errors coming in. All errors are The network connection was interrupted while downloading the package from http://. Attempting to reco...  View more

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Login Event Not Running With Autologin User?

I searched previous posts, but didn't come across anything specific to this. My apologies if this is already known. We have a need for shared laptops to autologin when booted. No problem, easy. We also have scripts that run on login that modify the u...  View more

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How to: Firefox trusting company certificates

Firefox manages certificates separated from the system certificates that are used by Safari or Chrome. To circumvent the issue that users are presented with the "certificate not trusted, add exception" notification, it is possible to add the certific...  View more

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Trigger Policy when computer enters smart group?

Hey, Anyone know if it's possible to trigger a policy to run when a computer enters a smart group. I want to use it to display a message to a user to backup information after it enters a smart group looking for Kernal Panics on their system.  View more

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Add Limitation All Policies

Hello Jamf Nation,We have to add a network segment limitation to all policies.Instead of adding one by one, is there a way to do this via mysql. Thanks for any advice in advance.  View more

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Policy "whatif" or -list

Is there any way that I can do a dry run on a machine to see which policies it's in scope without running them? Sort of like Powershells '-whatif' command or '-list'  View more

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Extension attributes cleared by Recon policy

Hi there. In order to keep our extension attributes up-to-date, we have added a recon policy, to run once daily, with a script called as follows; #!/bin/sh /usr/local/bin/jamf recon exit 0 When I run this script locally on macs, the recon command upd...  View more

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Computer Ownership Affinity?

I was working with my SCCM brethren here in IT, and I noticed SCCM is able to dynamically asign a Windows PC client to a specific user if said user has been loogging into a computer for X amount of minutes/times/days. Criteria logic looks something l...  View more

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Policy Request Form?

Hi All, I need to put together a form for 3rd parties to fill out for new JSS policy requests. Does anyone have one they can share so I'm not reinventing the wheel here? Cheers!  View more

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Poll Everywhere policy not working

Hi everyone, I want to install the application Poll Everywhere on all machines. I created a smart group that finds the machines that do not have Poll Everywhere installed. I created a Policy that any computer within that group will have Poll Everywhe...  View more

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Policy Script Parameter Value Limits

I have a script that necessitated more parameter values than the 8 slots available so I split the script into 4 separate ones in one policy. What I noticed is that the values in parameters 10 & 11 in each script were ignored or blanked out. Has anyon...  View more

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Tracking Applications by User

Everyone, I was hoping to gain some insight into application tracking. Currently we are attempting to develop a process for tracking applications/license tied to users. Our dilemma is this, if we wipe a machine we know we can always restore from a ba...  View more

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Password Policies - What's yours?

Hi Everyone, Was just wondering what is your password policy at work? Character requirements, groupings, retention, lockouts, min age, rotations, etc? Does anyone here step up their policy a notch by checking against known passwords, prevent incremen...  View more

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