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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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How are you deploying new mac laptops?

I currently have laptops enroll in via jamfcloud, download and run the quickadd.pkg. And during the enrollment process, i have it download all the profiles/install microsoft office and 6 other 3rd party applications including antivirus. The entire qu...  View more

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Trying to understand Policy options

How do you properly remove a policy ? I'm testing some on a machine and I have it doing what I want but unless I removeFramework I can't seem to figure out how to "uninstall" a policy Thanks for the helpRich  View more

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JamfHelper seems to sometimes block policy running?

Hi folks.I have an imaging configuration profile where I1. Bring down the OS2. Install a small PKG (contains just a background)3. Start a script. The PKG is there so that the adobeinstall account logs on after imaging (by the way, can we not do this ...  View more

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Kaspersky Installer Fails Verification

Has anyone else noticed that the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Mac installer is failing verification now? I tried installing the package I created that includes our license file and it continually fails. I noticed that when I try to use the Kasp...  View more

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Change local password on first log in

Hi, We have about 700 macs at our school. We have a local admin account and a local student account (mobile account created via the AD binding). We have been requested to add a parent Admin account so parent can make slight changes to parental contro...  View more

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"Hide" function on Policy Page (First World Problem)

Hi All I'm on JSS 9.93 and have a test JSS on 9.97. When I click the "Hide" button on the Policy page. it helpfully hides all the policy categories allowing me to pick a one to focus on. If that page gets reloaded or I access it by some other method,...  View more

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desktop alias/icon arrangement

Is there a way to arrange icons/alias on the desktop outside of applescript? That is the only way that comes to mind. I know a way of doing this in some linux distributions. I would prefer not to use apple script. I have a kiosk type machine that has...  View more

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Managing the Authorization Database

Hi from France. I'm unable to achieve the following result :- set changes to preferences to require authentication by a user with admin privileges- let standard users to configure the Date & Time System Preference. After some hours of tries and resea...  View more

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Forcing Users to Log Out

Hey there, We ask our users to log out every day in order to refresh their network connection and to ensure updates, which we push out on log outs. Unfortunately, we have users who don't ever log out even though we tell them it is required. I would l...  View more

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Custom Triggers

Does anyone know if the time-based custom triggers are still in existence? I want to setup a policy to run sudo jamf policy every 90 or 120 min, but couldnt find documentation to support that.  View more

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Flash won't update via Policy

So, I have patch reporting turned on for Flash since Flash is such an...amazing piece of software. I can take a policy and install Flash on a machine that doesn't currently have it and it installs fine. However, if I have a smart group set to members...  View more

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Disable Natural Scrolling after imaging with policy?

Is there a way to create a policy that will disable Natural Scrolling to anything I have scoped that doesn't require it to be imaged that way to start? I found a few articles, but they were from 2012 and 2014, seems there must be an updated way to do...  View more

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Screensaver and Password Policy

Hi Everyone, We have been using a script to enforce a screensaver and password policy for a while, but, in recently doing routine testing of our base security policies, we found that the policy only worked superficially. Example-- I will change my sc...  View more

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Casper imaging different outcomes

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction... I have setup a NetBoot server (using NetSuS) and created a NBI with AutoCasperNBI. I have also create a Base_OS.dmg using AutoDMG. With the NetBoot Image I can start the netbo...  View more

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Run jamf policy command at log on with launchd

Hello all, I just wanted to know if i could get some help to make the below code to work. Basically i want to run the "jamf policy" command at log on. Is there something that i am missing?? Thank you. Label com.runPolicyAtLoad ProgramArguments /bin...  View more

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JSS: Rationalize the behavior of the Policy 'Logs' view

When I open a policy and click the 'Logs' button at the bottom, I get a listing of computers. Clicking the 'Status' header causes a sorting arrow to appear, grouping by that field. Clicking it again causes the arrow to flip. However, the items are no...  View more

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Chaining AutoPkg Packages Install then Script

Hi there, I'm trying to chain two steps to setup new computers :1/ Install Chrome and Slack, which have their packages auto generated, updated and cached thanks to autopkg2/ Once both are installed, run a script to set the dock in a clear state with ...  View more

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