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Jamf Pro 10.32.2 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we are making an update for Jamf Pro available to include fixes for the MDM commands table that caused some Jamf Pro server performance issues and prevented apps from updating. A cloud upgrade is scheduled for this weekend, see b...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.32.1 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we're releasing a hotfix for Jamf Pro that addresses a recently responsibly disclosed security issue.We strongly recommended that you upgrade to Jamf Pro 10.32.1 as soon as possible. The following CVE is addressed by this release...  View more

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SplushBuddy install in PreStage NOT WORK

HELP ME! i have create a prestege enrollment with Packages of SplashBuddy. but after setup assistant not found any file in "/Library/Application Support/" and SplashBuddy not run a GUI. if I use a normal policy with trigger "enrollment complete" all ...  View more

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Optimizing my Zero Touch for Students

We have 3 different departments, in which students get iPads for their Graduate School program. Each of the departments have different apps assigned to them based on their department. Our LDAP directory does not have a Departments field that populate...  View more

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Skipping Local User Setup Screen

During an initial setup, is there a way to skip the final User Setup Screen if I have our computers require login credentials during enrollment? When using the require credentials during enrollment it fills out the Full Name, Short Name, and password...  View more

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Enrollment Packages

Finally the ability to enroll a package within a prestage enrollment is possible!  But I'm curious what kind of packages you guys prestage enroll. The only thing I can think of is something like DEPnotify or Splashbuddy..?  View more

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Using Inventory Preload Data

Hi! I decided to test using the Inventory Preload option on to PreStage enrollment of one computer. I got the CSV file completed and uploaded it successfully and it shows up as the Active data. After doing the PreStage enrollment (no previous record ...  View more

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Imaging new T2 Chip Machines

I'm trying to get imaging working for the new T2 Chip machines. I know apple is trying to move away from imaging, but I don't see the sense in manually reinstalling the OS every time we want to start a machine over from scratch plus installing all th...  View more

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Installing local admin PKG in Mojave via Installr

I've been successfully using Installr to prestage our Macs with High Sierra 10.13.6. It installs the OS, a local admin account (via a PKG I created with MacUserGenerator v0.2) and a few other distribution-style PKG's. When I attempt this setup on Moj...  View more

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FileVault greyed out in Prestage Enrollment

Just an odd question, I was going through our prestage enrollment options and I noticed there was an option for Privacy and FileVault, when I go into edit them I can select Privacy but FileVault is greyed out. Is FV being greyed out normal? Edit: on ...  View more

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Is Changing the Icon Impossible?

I want to change my Macintosh HD icon to something different. I used Composer to Monitor File System Changes, copied an icon on my desktop, selected the Macintosh HD and did a Get Info and pasted the new icon over the original one. I entered the Admi...  View more

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Imaging High Sierra 10.13.5

Hello friends. I was wondering if you guys have also had trouble creating images after this update of High Sierra 10.13.5. I already did update in my machine park, except that I did a base image (with AutoDMG) already with High Sierra 10.13.5 all upd...  View more

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iOS Single App Mode Purgatory

I seem to have painted myself into a corner with a set of iPads. I configured 10 loaner iPads for some students in Single App Mode (RedShift Astronomy). These iPads had a configuration profile for wifi with our wifi certificate payload so as not to b...  View more

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Fastest way of imaging High Sierra?

Hello Mac Admins! I am looking for the fastest way to image 10.13. Currently I am using DeployStudio to image 10.12.6 and the company I work for is looking to upgrade to 10.13. My problem is that I am in charge of a LOT of computers and so the fastes...  View more

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Upgrade to High Sierra and APFS or Stay at Sierra

I am at a community college and this time of year, I work on my image for rolling out in the summer. For the first time in a long time, I am struggling with what to do. Since I can no longer create and push out a Base Image with High Sierra. I would ...  View more

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Fast way to reinstall/image only the OS?

I am looking at the fastest way to reinstall macOS with a service that is easy to update the version of the OS as new version come out. Netbooting would be a great option but not necessary. Thanks in advance for the help   View more

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PreStage Enrollment

Ive attempted to setup prestage enrollment, and ive come to a brick wall. The system picks up the DEP page that states it will be auto configured , but after i hit continue i keep getting "Failed to contact MDM server" ive tried this over open wifi a...  View more

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High Sierra and Pre-Stage Enrollment

I have noticed that Pre-stage is still not working as it should.I am still being prompted to create a new local account even though I have that skip account creation checked. This was happening with Sierra as well.Also High Sierra does not honour Loc...  View more

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PreStage enrollments

After adding selecting system in PreStage enrollments and factory reset...it takes a while before the computer realizes that. Is there something that I can do that forces it to see that it has config profiles available? Thanks  View more

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PreStage Enrollment Heaven

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I've been looking at lot of the JAMF discussions and man pages and other materials, trying to find a way to compile them into something that works for my environment. We are using DEP and have Pr...  View more

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DEP Enrollment on WiFi

Our current prestage enrollment works flawlessly on ethernet, but when on wifi, if the end user goes through the setup "too quick", the enrollment doesn't complete. I believe this is happening because of our wifi authentication. As soon as the user f...  View more

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Bretford PowerSync and Apple configurator Station/Port

We just got our PowerSync 10 and have it connected to Apple Configurator where we can see and deploy to all 10 iPads. In AC2 there are columns for Station and Port making me think that it will tell me which iPad is in which slot. Anyone know how to g...  View more

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