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What's new in the Jamf Pro 10.33 Release

Hi Jamf Nation and happy JNUC 2021! Today we released Jamf Pro 10.33 which includes support for Account-driven user enrollment for iOS/iPadOS. This workflow streamlines the user enrollment onboarding process and focuses on providing corporate access ...  View more

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Parental Controls/Monitoring

Some of the parents of our 1:1 iPad Program are concerned about their child's use of the iPad. We obviously have filtering/firewall/policies/restricted apps/etc... in place. However, the parents would still like to see how much screen time the kids a...  View more

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Anyone using YubiKey with Macs in AD environment?

Anyone want to share their experience or knowledge with YubiKeys in their Mac AD environment? How was your set up and what issues did you run into with users? How did it compare to your Windows users? Are you using YubiKeys on Macs below 10.12.6? Tha...  View more

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Smart Group to check Firefox STIG

So I had to STIG Firefox a ways back. Whenever updates come out I have to reSTIG after the new package installs finish. My problem is, I want the STIG to run Re-occuring based on the STIG missing. That way if the STIG Policy can be changed from Once ...  View more

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Wildcard blocking of Apps in MacOS

We have created a restricted application blocking policy using wildcards, example: VPN and VPN, but it does not seem to work. Are there methods to using this feature? We have several common VPN's blocked and that works great, but we block one and the...  View more

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How to permanently track a personal device?

I recently deployed a phone to a family member who was mugged and the phone was stolen. It was immediately powered off and has not returned (nor do I expected it to). Thus I'm now playing around with manual (via a cord) Device Supervision. Is there a...  View more

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macOS Endpoint Protection

We are currently evaluating new Anti-Virus options for our University. We are currently using McAfee with ePO. I have seen other discussions about this subject, but, many seem dated. I am curious about what other enterprise companies and higher ed sc...  View more

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External Storage Access

Hi All Do anyone have idea's suggests as how best to block users from connecting to external/home NAS etc using Jamf? I have a payload that already blocks USB access, but was looking at ways to block users from accessing home nas etc when they take t...  View more

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Filevault2 / Network Account High Sierra

Hello , I'm looking for a solution for the Filevault 2 Sync Password with AD users accounts. Actually all my MBA are with AD users account installed. My issue is when the users change their password (every 30 days) , it's not change for the FileVault...  View more

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update ALL ios devices

Is there away and I have been reading some of the KB's and all and can't quite find the answer, Is there a way to update or do a mass update through the JSS in the Jamf dashboard or global?  View more

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Removing a user from a Shared iPad?

Can anyone tell me what I need to do in order to remove a user from a Shared iPad? A staff member has left recently and we need to remove their user data from the Shared iPads that belong to their department. Is it possible to just remove the user, o...  View more

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Sound not playing on iPad when in lost mode.

This morning we had a student lose their iPad. It was found and it was in lost mode, and I was able to remove the lost mode. The problem is, it didn't make a sound. We would have found it hours before if it played the sound. It was on and the volume ...  View more

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FileVault Sync PWD User AD High Sierra

Hello , I've got an issue with Filevault and my AD users account. We've a policy about the expired time password for my AD users enable on Filevault , On High Sierra the command line : "fdesetup sync" is not working because is an APFS Volumes for syn...  View more

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Crowdstrike Falcon - does it blend?

I noticed Crowdstrike Falcon was added to Third Party Products. It was added by @pingebrigtsen who works for the company. Is anyone using it? Asking because there are no discussions about it on this forum. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Did you replace another s...  View more

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Jamf vs other Endpoint Managers

Hello! Wanted to get everyone's opinion on here on why Jamf is a much better solution than other endpoint management solutions like MobileIron or AirWatch. As a current user of AirWatch, I would like to make the move to Jamf but would really like to ...  View more

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SHA2 certs from GoDaddy working now w/ JSS?

The last time I set up a GoDaddy SSL cert (SHA2) w/ the JSS was in 2014 and it was a nightmare until I tried a SHA1 cert, which worked immediately. https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/discussions/10063/ssl-cert-problems-with-go-daddy-cert Is this defect...  View more

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Clear passcode failing

I have a user who forgot their passcode on their iPhone. Normally no problem, send a clear passcode push and they are back in business. Well this time the clear passcode push fails and returns "Keychain reported error code -25308." All other pushes c...  View more

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