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Jamf Pro 11 Beta is Now Available!!

Hello Jamf Nation! If you haven’t heard the news, Jamf Pro 11 is here! Featuring a new interface, ADDE, DDM software updates for iOS, and more! How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at account.jamf.com. Once enrolled...  View more

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Jamf Pro Beta Server Maintenance

Hello all! Access to the personal Beta instances you are able to request when you join the Jamf Pro Beta Program will be unavailable for an extended period of time over the coming weeks for maintenance. We'll let you know when they're back online! Th...  View more

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Bypass Credit Card in iTunes for iPad Set Up

We have about 270 iPads that will be on carts for teachers to checkout. I've set up several apple IDs but when signing in to iTunes Store (in order for self-service to appear) for the initial set up, I cannot get around putting in a credit card numbe...  View more

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VPP Assignments - scoped to users?

Maybe I'm having a brain fart here, or I just haven't figured out the logic, but we just purchased a few licenses of an App via VPP using the MDM method - we upgraded our JSS to v9.81 and forced the content into our JSS and are now trying to use VPP ...  View more

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Self Service and Free Apps on iOS without an Apple ID

I've been toying around in 9.81 on an iPad Mini on 9.0.1. One thing I've noticed is that while paid apps install without an Apple ID just fine, free apps like Self Service or VLC Player do not. They keep prompting every three minutes or so for you to...  View more

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Self Service Mobile in Education environment

Hello, I'm trying to decide whether our school system should switch from Self Service web clip to the mobile app. "If it isn't broken..." What are the major advantages of Self Service Mobile?CategoriesThe ability to Reinstall an app (would this retai...  View more

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BYOD Program for university students

We are starting a pilot program at our university to provide a BYOD solution for students to have university purchased apps installed on their personal iOS device or Apple Laptop using Casper as the management solution. We have ideas on accomplishing...  View more

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New to Casper - have a few questions

Hey Folks - We recently migrated to Casper from Meraki (K-12 school with iPads depolyed 1:1 in grades 6-12). The biggest reason for the move was so that we could shut down the App store and only publish "approved" apps through the self-service app. W...  View more

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Casper Self Service

Hi, we use self service (Casper 9.72) and have some sporadic issues with Self Service. Sometimes it will work, other times, the little spinning circle just goes round and round. Users have been through the entire VPP process in approving assigning ap...  View more

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iOS - Self Service and deploying apps

To curb some downloading issues from students last year, we are trying to use a self-service only method of installing apps. This means that the app store is not available on the iPads and students can only get apps from Self-Service.This is working ...  View more

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Distributing Apps automatically to iPads

I'm new to JAMF Casper but I am prepping 70 iPads to deploy to our 7th and 8th grade classrooms in a couple of weeks. I am a bit confused about app distribution and getting them to install automatically as opposed to having to have users install them...  View more

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Option Greyed out - JAMFCLOUD

Hi All,Sorry for the stupid questions but im using it for the first time.I've just signed up for the 4 day trial, i managed to load my mobile config file but apart from that all my options are greyed out. Is there any setup guide for the cloud versio...  View more

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Regenerate Self Service Icons

Hi guys, I have about 500 apps in my mobile self service catalog, and many of them are obsolete or jagged because they pre-date retina iPads. Is there an easy way to reload them? The only method that occurs to me is to delete them from the app catalo...  View more

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Pushing to iPad 1

Hello, I work at a high school, and we still have some old iPad 1's. Attempting to push Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to them using VPP has been unsuccessful. They appear within self service, but when you select to install them, the circle just continu...  View more

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Possible Managed App distribution bug

I am currently attempting to distribute a managed file access app called filebrowser for business the app is configured for mdm configuration, so that we can automatically distribute custom settings to our users. such as login username share type and...  View more

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App Store Application ID?

I am trying to make a smart group which will detect IOS devices with disabled App store restrictions.I had hoped that If I can identify the app store is not installed on the device, it might be a way to identify it. Is there a way of doing this?  View more

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single iCloud account to backup multiple iPads

SCENARIO 88 x iPad Air (1 grade level)each with an average of ~10 to 12GB usageuse single iCloud account with 1TB space for backup every single app has license for each device (via VPP spreadsheet)we configure 88 devices with same iTunes/iCloud accou...  View more

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Pushed Apps Issue

I have just implemented pushed apps for students. however, if it is a new ipad, the apps are getting pushed, when there is no itunes account details set. If the user doesn't have an existing ID, they are tricked into making a itunes account (due to t...  View more

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Self Service App - Notification issues

As I am led to believe, there is no way to force enable notifications for specific apps. so forcing on notifications for users is not an option. So when Self Service was distributed to our users (kids) many selected no. If the end user has selected n...  View more

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Self Service IOS 6 App

We have around 70 1st generation iPads and would like to install the Self Service App onto these devices, tried installing via the App store and it requires iOS 7 or greater. Is there a way we can install the older Self Service app? Thanks in advance...  View more

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Casper 9.64 - 9.65 VPP Invites

Hey, Has anyone out there updated to the latest version of Casper and tried to send down VPP invites?? The situation I'm in is I'm actually blocking the App Store purchases. In 9.62 I cannot send a VPP invite to an iOS 8 device that has the App Store...  View more

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Meraki vs Casper as an iOS MDM

Hello, our boss is wanting to drop Casper Suite for our iOS deployment (but keep for our OSX devices) and save money and switch to Meraki MDM. We previously used Meraki system manager for our MDM, but switched to Casper November 2014. Are there any r...  View more

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Managed Distribution and AppleID Change

We have had a few students that have, for various reasons, switched appleID's this year after entering into the Managed distribution agreement. This has become quite problematic for us, in that the only way we can access the apps that are assigned to...  View more

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