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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Webex Teams Package for Self Service

Hey Everyone, I am battling with Webex teams simply trying to get it to deploy via self service. No matter what I try it just doesn't go despite reporting installed in the logs. I have tried uploading it via Jamf Admin as is in dmg form and attempted...  View more

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O365 In Self Service

Hi, I'm new to JAMF and wondered if any of this talent pool could point me in the right direction with fixing my problem. I would my user to be able to download Office 365 apps from Self-Service. As of right now, the apps show up in self-service but ...  View more

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Install App | Pending - STATUS_REASON_NO_LICENSE

I recently ran into this and figured I would post my solution as when I searched it there were zero results. I was having issues getting Slack to install via Self Service and couldn't figure out why. Then I noticed a under Management for a specific M...  View more

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Self Service login uncheck

Hi,is anyone having troubles with the checkmark "Enable Self Service User Login"? We tried several times to uncheck it but looks like that it keep self re-enabling every time.It is frustrating.  View more

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Big Sur: Jamf wants access to control Dock

Hi all,and a good new year to all of you! Does anyone else get this query?When installing a policy with a dock icon on a Big Sur machine we get asked to allow Jamf access to Dock (see screenshot).I am not sure on how to enable it. I tried it manually...  View more

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NWEA accessibility settings for Catalina/Big Sur

Hello, I am looking for a solution for the accessibility settings that the NWEA testing app asks for after installation from self service. I have created a package using composer for both Catalina and Big Sur and placed them in self service. The apps...  View more

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User migration for re-"imaging" or to new computer

I know I've used Rusty Myers' old scripts when we were using DeployStudio, but obviously DS is not longer really a thing with modern OSes. I'm curious if anyone has any other way they're doing this. We're trying to make something where our techs coul...  View more

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Mac App Store apps prompting Admin credentials

Hey all, we've recently run into an issue where apps that have previously been installed either through the Mac App Store, then removed from our JAMF MAS apps are now prompting users for admin credentials in order to updat (See image). As you can ima...  View more

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Security Application control

Hi All, We are currently looking to get to a level of security where users can only use self service to install anything.Currently if a user has admin rights its a free-for-all, but, we want users to be admins but still have application restrictions....  View more

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macOS: only allow VPP purchased apps from App Store

Hi,We're just trying to setup Jamf for the first time and have struck a slight issue that I'm wondering if anyone else has tried and can confirm if possible to do or not?We are looking at blocking the general Apple App Store and only allowing approve...  View more

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Launch Install macOS $FLAVOR.app As Root

I seem to recall in previous years that you could run the following as a Self Service policy under a standard user, and the app would run as root and not require the user to enter admin credentials. open /Applications/Install macOS Mojave.app Has thi...  View more

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Request for a Renaming Script

Hello beloved Jamf Community. As I'm no Scripting Expert, I humbly request if any i you could help me with the following script. I am looking for a Self Service option where the user fills in some text (most likely an asset tag number)Then In additio...  View more

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Execute Parallels Powershell using bash script

Looking for assistance opening a Parallels VM and launching Windows PowerShell to execute a script. Any ideas on where I can get started? Here is my current workflow on how I would like the process to happen: User launches Self Service and selects th...  View more

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temp admin rights not recognized

We've been using a temp admin setup in self service for a while, it's not perfect, but it's seemed to have worked fine. Recently however, we're finding that if users elevate through the self service policy, that some of them need to fully quit the ap...  View more

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Reset Windows 10 Password for dual boot with bootcamp

We have several MacBook Pro with Windows 10 dual boot. And each one is assigned a unique password. Now, we lost the original password of one MBP and look for a way to reset the password. Hope someone who have similar experience could give advice on t...  View more

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