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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Enable/disable iTunes store option greyed out

I feel i'm sooo close on this one, but I miss some crucial information to get this one sorted. I have some macs enrolled in JSS that show the options to enable the iTunes Store being greyed out I have NO IDEA how this happened in the first place, and...  View more

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Recovery loop

My 2017 MacBook Pro was remotely wiped through JAMF by my former employer so I could keep it.It's now seems to be stuck in a Recovery loop. Here's what it's doing:-Firmware pw on start up(which I have)-after Network selection goes right to Internet R...  View more

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389 vs. 636

Hello out there - having issues with out-of-the-box Microsoft AD binding in OS X.15.6 that even with command line packetencrypt forced, I still see lots of port 389 traffic when I believe it should be 636. I am not wise enough to understand what is g...  View more

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Permissions to Clear Failed Commands

We'd like to be able to give granular permissions to allow an administrative user with read-only access to also be able to clear failed commands. Often if there are failed commands in the pipeline it clogs up and anything run afterward fails. Is ther...  View more

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Remote Create mobile account at login

So we're all remote yet may still be hiring and may need to roll out new hardware.All of our Macs are bound to AD and all users are mobile accounts.My question is how do I remotely have a user login to create a mobile account at login when outside ou...  View more

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Toggle Screenshots on and Off

I have been asked to look into disabling screenshots for some of our users due to an application that they use that has access to sensitive data. Because I don't hate our users I want to ONLY disable screenshots when that application is open. I have ...  View more

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Using Passwords in CLI commands

Hey folks, This is relatively simple, but I haven't found a place giving a straight answer about it -Will writing passwords or other information inside CLI commands executed by policies be viewable in any log, text file, or any other output (includin...  View more

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Business Shared iPad - Guest Account Only

Is it possible to only use the Guest account on Business Shared iPad? Not allow any user to log into a managed Apple ID, but allow the use of the Guest account. We still want the Guest account to log in and log out, which will erase the patient data....  View more

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AD Binding and Home Folders

Morning All,I am looking for some advice. Let me break it down in the case that we have. We are a school and we have around 100 Macs around the site that are used by multiple pupils to log in and work on applications and such. So the issues we are fa...  View more

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Best practices for end user security profiles

I am wanting to improve our end user security within our school district on our macOS devices. Since I have taken over the Jamf/macOS/iOS process I have noticed that we don't have any real security profiles set up. What are some of your preferred pro...  View more

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Turn off Content Cache via JAMF

Im trying to figure out a way to disable Content Caching from computers enrolled in our JAMF instance but there's no obvious way to do that in JAMF. The Content Caching tab doesnt seem to have a feature to "Disable" only ways to manage the content ca...  View more

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how to change user's password in JSS

I had a request from a tech on how to change their password within the JSS manually after signing in. I poked around and couldn't find anything. Other than an admin going into the user's account and changing it for them and then selecting user needs ...  View more

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Set Finder Desktop to solid colour in Catalina

Hi all, is there a way to set the Finder Desktop colour to a solid, prefer to use one of the default Apple colours in System/Library/Desktop Pictures/Solid Colors. Haven't found a "defaults" value or command that can be used in Catalina, past posts w...  View more

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User Keychain Destroyed after AD Password Update

We have reoccurring issues where most users can't successfully update their keychain after their AD password has been updated. You've probably heard this one before, so let me explain a few twists in my circumstances. Our AD passwords are managed by ...  View more

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