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Jamf Pro 10.32.1 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we're releasing a hotfix for Jamf Pro that addresses a recently responsibly disclosed security issue.We strongly recommended that you upgrade to Jamf Pro 10.32.1 as soon as possible. The following CVE is addressed by this release...  View more

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What's new in Jamf Pro 10.32 Release

Update: This release includes fixes for security vulnerabilities and it is recommended that you upgrade to Jamf Pro 10.32.0 as soon as possible. The following CVEs are addressed by this release: [PI-006352] CVSS 8.3 https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cven...  View more

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Slack Update Admin Credentials is Missing

Hey Community, I have a problem with Slack, it always comes to the message that an admin password is needed for the installation of a Slack update. I think it is due to automatic updates. Does anyone have the same problem and a solution?  View more

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Updating Google Chrome

Hello Has anyone found a good way to keep Chrome updated, checking for updates and installing any updates at the next close/reopen of the application. We are currently able to do this for our WIndows machines using Intune and an ADMX file. Is there a...  View more

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Software update policy Xcode cmdline tools

Hey, Just testing out the software update using a policy in Jamf. One thing I've noticed is for people with xcode cmdline tools it updates their xcode. This is kind of bad as for some engineers it breaks their terminal depending on how they have it s...  View more

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How do you update critical Google Chrome versions?

Hey, I roll out Chrome Updates passively using https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/9923111?hl=en. As this config can not force any updates, I am sometimes required to manually force them in urgent cases. This was the case on Friday with the 88...  View more

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macOS Update Workflow for Headless Clients

We maintain 32 macOS caching servers across our school district and we are looking for a way to apply macOS updates to them without having to VNC into them, login, and then start the update. Unless we're wrong (which is a distinct possibility), it ap...  View more

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Deploying macOS Updates in a Big Sur world?

I feel like we've finally got a handle on application patch management (unfortunately only using Jamf Patch Management for reporting...but that's another thread) and now we're turning the focus toward macOS. With Apple no longer releasing downloadabl...  View more

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OS update failed on Catalina

Hi all, Anyone can help me on this issue. Recently we are upgrading the OS version and builds. however it kept failing and i can't resolve it. I am using a offline installer download direct from Apple. Used Combo and non Combo. Non are working. 2020-...  View more

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macOS Big Sur update 11.1 bug

Hello, Our machines can not pass Big Sur update in 11.1, the update stuck indefinitely on the "Preparing macOS Big Sur 11.1 Update..." . https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/12/18/macos-big-sur-update-bug-is-causing-issues-for-mac-system-administrato...  View more

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Jamf Pro with Homebrew? possible for updates?

Good morning,I am unfortunately im new at Homebrew and hope here someone has experience with Jamf + Homebrew! Is it possible updates for programs like Firefox - Chrome etc. per Homebrew zuerteilen? I think of terminal commands that are distributed vi...  View more

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ISO: Big Sur Startup Guide

Hey all, I see a lot of discussions regarding Big Sur and M1 issues. Wondering if anyone could provide a summary of how to best deploy Big Sur on M1 and non-M1 Macs in a Jamf environment. Maybe highlight some of the issues people may run into and how...  View more

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JAMF and Microsoft Auto Update for O365 Apps

Hi Jamf Nation, I am following the two guides below to update my O365 apps using MAU.https://docs.jamf.com/technical-papers/jamf-pro/microsoft-office/10.18.0/Update_Microsoft_Office.html https://docs.jamf.com/technical-papers/jamf-pro/microsoft-offic...  View more

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Adding a sudo command for Adobe RUM

Hello, I have read a few posts on here and some good scripts, but im not sure how or where to add in to run it as Sudo? Since adobe RUM requires sudo. Can someone please tell me where to add that in and how? Thanks!  View more

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MacOs Big Sur update

Hello folks, I am a bit confused regarding the "softwareupdate --ignore "macOS Big Sur" command. I have ran it throughout our fleet having in mind that it is valid for 90 days. Is this true? I couldn't find any article on how long this command would ...  View more

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Skip Big Sur Accessibility screen

Is anyone aware of a method to skip this accessibility screen when doing an in-place upgrade to Big Sur (10.16/11.0.x)? I'm aware you can skip everything during Automated Enrollment for new devices but haven't found anything for devices we're updatin...  View more

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Disable Firefox Auto Update for users

I used to just remove the updater from the app package yet that no longer works.How are you disabling updates for clients?Our current issue has been for some reason Firefox crashes when clients try and update themselves and I dont want them updating ...  View more

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Choose File button Does Not Bring Up Dialog Box

I just updated my computer running Mojave to the latest Security and Safari updates. Ever since then when I am in the New Computer Package and click on Choose File I get no dialog box so I can't upload a package. I have noticed this same behavior for...  View more

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Early experience of blocking Big Sur

We thought we were ready... This morning, having previously notified people that Big Sur was being blocked and deferred, I start work to several messages that it was being offered by the Software Update tool. We have the 'Defer major updates' config ...  View more

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