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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Policy Deferral not working after some time.

Hi, jamf nation community!We have a policy hat updates Mac OS X up to the latest minor version based on the extension attribute. To prevent issues with meetings and some crucial tasks, people can defer updates for up to 2 days. Then they will see a n...  View more

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Microsoft Application Installation and Updates

I've created this script with some bits from other scripts I've seen here.What I've tried to do is create one script that can use parameters for multiple apps. Use cases are: installing a single app, installing multiple or all apps, installing autoup...  View more

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Started a thread, found an answer elsewhere with more searching, now can't delete. So I am editing to avoid duplication. Maybe allow people to delete posts without replies?  View more

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softwareupdate becoming deprecated?

With Apple deprecating softwareupdate --ignore to block upgrade popups, how is everyone blocking these popup notifications moving forward? This was a major help to avoid user annoyance when we were testing the new OS versions in our environment befor...  View more

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Software Updates with jamf delay options

Our current script works pretty well, but it doesn't work with the updates that require a shutdown instead of a reboot. With Jamf Pro now supporting policy deferrals, has anybody looked into any scripts to display the list of available updates to the...  View more

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Packages won't install

I am new to Jamf and i have noticed that some packages aren't getting installed. Some are updates like CHromeFFAdobe Reader. Some are actual software like Google Earth and BBedit. Instead of them going into Applications, they are being placed in the ...  View more

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Unable to Keep VPP Apps Updated

We're having issues with VPP-managed apps not updating on our Apple TVs because the devices are reporting a blank app version to Jamf's inventory. As a result of there being a blank app version, the devices never update the app and error messages sim...  View more

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macOS Catalinaをサンプルとして使用しています。内容を変更して他のOSでも運用できます。 注意:・テスト環境で動作確認をして下さい。・環境に合わせて内容を変更して下さい。・ぜひ意見交換をして下さい。・MacOS catalinaを例としています。・異なるOSを禁止されたい場合、禁止されたいOSのプロセス名を入力して下さい。 1)禁止したいOSを制限付きソフトウェアに追加。表示名:(分かり易い)表示名を設定。プロセス名:Install macOS Catalina「プロセスを強制終了」...  View more

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Remove red System Preferences update Icon

Situation where the icon on system preferences for updates won't go away for a user. Update suppression for 30 days started a week ago in a config - no updates show for her but the icon is still there. Is there something specific to get the notificat...  View more

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Some questions on patch 3rd party apps

I’ve read some of the other threads on this and just want some clarification. I know these are generalizations. If I install an app via a downloaded pkg the only way to update it is by installing the update or some kind of script. Unless the app desi...  View more

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Enforcing macOS security updates

I've seen a couple of old threads regarding ways of enforcing macOS security updates but not much for the recent version of Jamf Pro 10.x We are exploring the use of Patch Management currently. Does anyone have any best practice recommendations on en...  View more

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issues with Skype 8.60 and system private key

Hello After the autoupdate to Skype 8.60, i have users getting an prompt to imput local admin credentials whenever they start Skype.After some investigation, i concluded that skype wants access to a private key in the SYSTEM keychain, and the problem...  View more

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NetSUS 5.0.1

We just set up a NetSUS (RHEL 7) and it ran out of space. I read about the repoutil but using the find command came up with nothing. Any help is appreciated.  View more

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Force Apple Updates

What's the best way to force supplemental updates? I would love to know how you guys are doing this.  View more

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SWU Installer download is it completed?

Hi everybody,does anyone know how do I get if a SWU package has completed downloading? Let's make an example for the package named "Install macOS Catalina.app" How do I know if it has completed downloading? As far as I can see, several machines has d...  View more

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Security Update 2020-002 for Mojave on NetSUS

Is anyone having issues getting the security update 2020-002 for Mojave to detect correctly? I have removed the download cache from the server via shell and forced it to re-download the content by running a sync. I also have verified the product ID f...  View more

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Remote OS Upgrades

Hi, I am looking into doing remote OS upgrades. I have put Catalina as a Mac Store App into the JSS, which installs the stub installer fine but then it requires admin credentials to complete the install. Is there any workaround that I can use to trig...  View more

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Safari 13.1 broken

It seems latest Safari 13.1 is broken , i had 3 reports already users when they have received 13.1 updated webpages wont open Safari is saying This Web Page Was Reloaded Because Problem Occured. Any ideas for fixes ? I dont want reinstall osx  View more

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Security Update 2020-002 for macOS Mojave

What is the best practice method of deploying SecUpd*.pkgs through Jamf when not using Apple's Software Update functionality? Does anyone have any tips on how to successfully install Mojave's SecUpd2020-002Mojave.pkg from the downloaded DMG when depl...  View more

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Blocking Users from 10.15.4

I would like stop users from upgrading to 10.15.4 due to these warning messages coming up for legacy system extensions. Currently users are admins on there laptops and we don't have a separate Software Update Server. What's the best way for to do thi...  View more

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