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Jamf Pro 10.32.2 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we are making an update for Jamf Pro available to include fixes for the MDM commands table that caused some Jamf Pro server performance issues and prevented apps from updating. A cloud upgrade is scheduled for this weekend, see b...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.32.1 Release

Hi Jamf Nation,Today we're releasing a hotfix for Jamf Pro that addresses a recently responsibly disclosed security issue.We strongly recommended that you upgrade to Jamf Pro 10.32.1 as soon as possible. The following CVE is addressed by this release...  View more

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How do we get Jamf working?

Hi,I am hoping that someone here can assist and/or advise. Some months back we had a demo of JamfPro.It seemed like it would do everything we wanted in the demo environment, so progressed ahead to purchase. We get the live environment, do the JumpSta...  View more

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Apple Business Manager vs. Jamf Pro Cloud

I can't tell if this is a Jamf Pro Cloud problem or just an Apple Business Manager problem. I've exhausted the oracle of the Googles to find some guidance so I'm turning to the real experts here at Jamf Nation... We distribute a lot of our mission cr...  View more

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VPP Updates Not Installing

Any anybody found a way help improve the success rate of VPP apps not installing. I'm seeing a 50% failure rate and due to Jamf's not every attempting a VPP install if their push to apple install a second time I'm stuck between a rock and a hard plac...  View more

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Unable to Keep VPP Apps Updated

We're having issues with VPP-managed apps not updating on our Apple TVs because the devices are reporting a blank app version to Jamf's inventory. As a result of there being a blank app version, the devices never update the app and error messages sim...  View more

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iApps won't install

I'm very frustrated. I can't get App Store apps to install. If I go through the regular App Store, it still asks for a login & password (it used to NOT do that for managed apps.) If I use Self Service, it does one of two things: It SEEMS like it's in...  View more

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Replace app with App store version on macOS

Hey guys, im currently working on redoing some of the jamf stuff we have and one of the things i change is i am changing from pkg installed apps to their appstore versions wherever i can using VPP and automaticly install.Is there an easy way to repla...  View more

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Catalina - Cannot Update App (VPP)

With macOS Catalina, it looks like VPP deployed apps now show up in the App Store under the Updates tab. When I try to update an app, I get an error message "Cannot Update App". "App_Name cannot be updated because it was refunded or purchased with a ...  View more

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VPP - Pending - Application is not available to install

Hi, I am new to JAMF hand have the following issue: I always get the following message when I want to install an App from VPP: Pending - Application is not available to install Already checked VPP and licenses at Apple Business Manager, checked to ti...  View more

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VPP app installation failed

Hi Guys. We send app to our iOS user buying them on Apple VPP.For the iPhone switch (that are in dep), we made an iTunes backup & restore. When the backup finish, we ask user to insert their iCloud password, then the iphone start to download all the ...  View more

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This com.jss.provisioning.done.bom file get created as soon as the device is out of box and goes through the setup. Existence of this file will prevent the DEPNotify LaunchDaemon to run. In our script this file gets create at the end of the process; ...  View more

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Issue updating VPP Apps on Computers

We've been having some issues trying to update VPP apps, that were distributed via Self Service. Usually, I was able to the App Store -> Update and then update the VPP apps that show up. However, now every time I try to update I get the attached scre...  View more

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Unable to get ARD installed

I am trying to push ARD down to a user's machine but it does not seem to work. I have done this successfully in the past by taking these steps: added an additional license via VPP in JAMF, I go to Mac Store applications, select ARD and assign the lic...  View more

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How to remove installed Self Service Application.

Hello JAMF Nation, As the subject suggests is there a way to Remove the Enrollment installed Self Service App from the machines perhaps via script or MDM profile. As right now it's pretty useless due to the mdmclienterror-72. I have reverted back to ...  View more

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Cannot connect to iTunes Store

I'm trying to push apps out to an iPad and they are all coming back with the error "Cannot connect to iTunes Store". I know I have licenses for all the apps. My DEP connection is current. All of my VPP Accounts connections are current. When I go into...  View more

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Mac App Store VPP updates

Keynote updated to 9.2 with the release of 10.15. In JAMF under Mac App Store Apps I have all the settings to "Check for updates" checked, including the location at Settings>Computer Management-Management Framework>App Updates. I am currently placing...  View more

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VPP app Overridden by patch Policy

Using Microsoft Word for example. VPP version is 16.29.19090802, Patch Policy version is 16.29.19091700. We are in a transition to VPP apps so about half the population has VPP currently. What keeps the Patch Policy from updating the VPP apps to the ...  View more

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Consolidating VPP IDs

I'm trying to prune the number of Apple IDs used to acquire VPP licenses. For the transition I am repurchasing the (usually free) licenses and then switching the account in the VPP tab of the app instance when the new licenses appear. When that is do...  View more

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Reporting on App Assignment

Hi there! I'm trying to find a way to identify which apps are missing from my iPads, based on assignment. For example, if I deploy Chrome to a batch of Smart Groups and Departments, is there a way that I can see that 65 out of 80 iPads have the app? ...  View more

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Mac App Store VPP IN USE count

Does someone know if the VPP IN USE count counts all the machines in the scope or the ones just had the Mac App Store App installed? We are running Jamf Pro 10.9. Trying to make Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 available through VPP targeting all staff co...  View more

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App Store App not installing

This is more about expected functionality in my environment I think...We have users with manually installed Sonicwall Mobile Connect app.It's showing as needing an update in the App Store.I added the app to our VPP and to a test machine and in the JS...  View more

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Outlook iOS Managed Data (Contacts)

Microsoft Outlook is installed on iOS, via VPP as “Managed” (Make Managed When Possible). Create or sync Contacts to the device. The Contacts don’t seem to be in the Outlook “sandbox” as managed, because when the app is revoked, the Contacts remain b...  View more

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Mac App Store checkboxes greyed out

Schedule Jamf Pro to automatically check iTunes for app updates.Automatically Force App Updates. I know I will feel stupid when someone answers this. Why are the options above greyed out and not editable? For some apps I do not want the app to force ...  View more

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VPP issue "can't connect to jamf pro" - item failed

Hello, I have a wired issue between jamf and VPP via business manager from apple. Last week I renewed the VPP certificate and everything seems fine, basically, this is what I thought. Since I did this, it's not possible to install any VPP apps on our...  View more

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iOS in-app VPN Palo Alto Firewall

Does anyone use a Palo Alto appliance for their VPN configuration? We are attempting to set up an in-app VPN that would launch automatically when app is open. Healthcare environmentApple Business Manager with Volume distributionJamf Pro Cloud 10.13Ap...  View more

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