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Hello everyone. For our May meeting, Timothy Perfitt from Twocanoes Software will be joining us to show off a couple of his products. MDS and Automator 2

MDS is a great utility to have, and we will find out all the details of what this product can do from downloading a
macOS and installer to custom automations and workflows.

Automator 2 is a 3-button programmable 1 click automation dongle to create great workflows that
Timothy will demonstrate.

To find out more come and join us May 25th at 6PM PST as Timothy does a deep dive into a demo of MDS and Automator 2 and you will see why you should add this to your list of go to tools.

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Thu, May 25, 2023 06:00 PM PDT
Thu, May 25, 2023 08:00 PM PDT
Release Candidate Programs Tester

Anyone who RSVPed as Going should have received the meetup link.  I'm working my way through the "Maybes" but am hitting JamfNation's private message sending limit. I'll be sure you all get it, though!

Release Candidate Programs Tester

Ok, should all be sent out now.

@ThomM are more invites going out? I haven't seen one hit any of my inboxes just yet.

Release Candidate Programs Tester

They should all have gone out. I know you and I got sorted on slack, but if anyone else still needs the link please let me know!

Thanks very much again Thom for organizing great session!!

Sagar Rastogi