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Jamf Connect macOS 14.2 Upgrade Requirement

Due to an unexpected issue (PI115107) with the upcoming release of macOS 14.2, all customers must update to Jamf Connect version 2.29.0. For Mac computers with macOS 14.2 or later and a version of Jamf Connect earlier than 2.29.0, all users who start...  View more

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JAMF Connect login sso screen no network message

Wondered if anyone knew a way to customise the SSO screen when there is no network connection? At the moment all you get is a naff generic, "Unable to load identity provider" message. It would be great if you could edit this with a logo and some text...  View more

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Jamf Connect 2.0 Beta 2 Now Available!

Hi Jamf Nation, The Jamf Connect 2.0 Beta 2 is now available with new fixes. Please check the release notes for everything covered in his release. How to join the beta: If you would like to participate in the beta program, please enroll using the Bet...  View more

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JAMF Connect & Verify - Oddities / Questions

Hi all, Relatively new to JAMF Pro (using cloud) overall here, but enjoying it quite a bit. Currently in the process of building up an initial roll out for the company, and running into some oddities that are likely just my own "You don't know what y...  View more

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Filevault service account

I've been banging my head against a wall on this. We have Sophos which allows us to enforce filevault and manage the recovery key. We need to add a service account to the machine with a random password per machine and give it securetoken so it can de...  View more

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Power BI OLE DB or ODBC error

I'm having an issue with the Jamf Pro (beta) connector importing Jamf data from the Computers - Extension attributes and Computers - Applications Tables into Power BI. The tables views correctly from within the Transform data menu in Power BI, but wh...  View more

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JAMF Connect login Icon sits over text

Hey all, I've just upgraded JAMF Connect Login from 1.8.1 to 1.11.4 and have noticed a bug.When the user is prompted that their Cloud password and Local password don't match the Custom Icon sits on top of the text now making it unreadable.In version ...  View more

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Mobile to local account

Hi All, We are in the process of deploying jamf Connect Verify and noticed that if a user is using a "mobile" account that they can log into Jamf Verify but the local password check/sync fails.Is there a easy way to convert a mobile account to a loca...  View more

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JAMF Connect and non-dep devices

Hi, I'm all out of ideas and need some serious help! Please excuse the length of this post but I needed to add all the details. So we are moving to JAMF connect and it works perfectly!! The machines in DEP pull down all the policies and once done the...  View more

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AD or LDAP proxy

Trying to find a solution to remote learning and having users bind/(or NOMAD) and login it on their own home networks without VPN. Is there an LDAP proxy option for allowing a mac to port through a DMZ machine for authentication? Something like infra...  View more

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Problems With PreStage Enrollment, Jamf Connect

Hi everyone, Having problems creating local user accounts using Jamf Connect, SSO credentials as part of Setup Assistant. Workflow Expectations User powers on 'fresh' (either factory-new or wiped/reinstalled) laptop User selects country User connects...  View more

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Prestage and accounts

I need some clarification. In Jamf Pro you can setup user-initiated enrollment and then you have to pick a Jamf management account. In this setting, you can have Jamf use a random password for this account.So the first question I have is how can you ...  View more

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Jamf Connect 1.19.2 Release

Jamf Connect Configuration 1.9.0: N/A Jamf Connect Login 1.11.4 Bug Fix: [PI-008291] Replaced a missing file from the Jamf Connect installer which caused the Pluggable Authentication Module to fail. Jamf Connect Sync 1.4.3: N/A Jamf Connect Verify 1....  View more

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Jamf connect licensing

I'm trying to create a config profile with all off the JAMF Connect settings using the new tool they created to do so, but I'm not sure what to but under the License File section. I have the separate config file from JAMF with our licenses but even t...  View more

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Jamf Connect/Nomad Pro Question

Can JC/NP work as designed on bound macs? Just to note we do not use MS Azure Our AD domain is on prem. We do use Okta integrations currently with Macs that are not bound to AD in our environment.  View more

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Overlapping rules during notify process

Hello, I noticed a small problem when looking at the JAMF rule execution logs. Indeed, when we go through a prestage enrollment, during our notify process that calls policies with events name, however it happens that our software reinstallation polic...  View more

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Jamf Connect 1.19.1 Release

Jamf Connect Configuration 1.9.0: N/AJamf Connect Login 1.11.3:• [PI-008086] Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Jamf Connect Login to create an invalid keychain item for Jamf Connect Sync or Verify when Jamf Connect received user information from J...  View more

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Jamf Connect with Okta Federated Azure AD

We have Office365 federated with Okta. When I use the Jamf Connect Configuration app with my Azure application everything works fine. I get tokens. However now that I've deployed it using a machine that's not a fresh install I enter my credentials at...  View more

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Computername in PreStage Enrollment

Is it possible to Change the Computername of a Macbook within the PreStage Enrollment.We want to add the Serialnumber to the Computername and want to block the possibility to change it.  View more

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Jamf Connect Verify Keychain update

Hello, We have a problem with Jamf Connect Verify , when we change the local password manually ( lost password ) , a window appears at the start of the session asking us to update the Jamf Connect Verify password in the keychain. Is there a way to au...  View more

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Jamf Connect Login + Dep Notify

Hello, I use Jamf Connect Login, I would like the Dep notify window (https://gitlab.com/Mactroll/DEPNotify) to launch after login, a bit like the Notify Mechanism integrated in Jamf Connect. Only, unlike Notify, it only launches after the user's desk...  View more

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Jamf Connect 1.19.0 Release

Today, we released Jamf Connect 1.19.0 for general availability. This release includes the following - Jamf Connect Configuration 1.9.0: The Jamf Connect Login UI now supports the following languages, if selected by users via System Preferences: Fren...  View more

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