Jamf Connect Network Shares - Different UPN

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We had recently integrated Azure Active Directory into our environment which necessitates a change in our UPN for the domain and a change to login accounts.

Old UPN and login - sAMAccountName@old.local
New UPN and login - first.last@new.org

We've implemented Jamf Connect on some MacBooks in the district and are now looking at the home shares. I've got it working on a test machine, but it is asking me for my old "active directory" username. I'm assuming this is to use the old login with Kerberos.

Is there any way, even using the new login account of first.last@new.local, to have it automatically get the old account to use with Kerberos and connect to shares? I just know the users are going to be complaining about having to enter additional information and also having to remember their "old active directory account name" so I'm finding a way for them to sidestep that step.

Thank you for any and all help!