Jamf Connect not Starting After Pre-stage with Enrollment Complete Install Policy

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I am managing a school of about 500 Macbooks and am currently testing a deployment of Jamf Connect with staff before doing a deployment to student devices. I Am trying to work out how to get Jamf Connect to correctly run on devices when they are first enrolled via pre-stage. We don't have a cloud distribution point, so I have a policy set to run on enrollment complete that will install Jamf Connect and run "sudo authchanger -reset -JamfConnect". 


When going through the first time setup it is still prompting for account creation instead of letting Jamf Connect handle that, is there some place I am supposed to be disabling that? I don't see it in the pre-stage enrollment options anywhere. At the moment devices are booting straight into the desktop and it seems to take some time before Jamf Connect is actually getting installed and initiated to run on the next login.


I read in some other posts that Network State Change being enabled can cause some issues with the Enrollment Complete trigger, so I am not sure if that is what might be causing the issue but I am using Network State Change to enforce DNS servers required for our web filtering. 


Any ideas? 




try using 

sudo /usr/local/bin/authchanger -reset -JamfConnect -prelogin 


Hey @tyfreeman - a policy attempting to install Connect will occur too late to happen in time for your users to log in and create their first account. 

I would say that using the PreStage to land the installer during the enrollment process would be preferred over the policy, but you would need to have some form of a cloud distribution point to host the installer - either your own or the JCDS. If you're at least curious, take a look at these recommendations in the admin guide and training catalog:

Alternatively, if using Jamf Pro 10.30 or later, there is a Connect deployment option that doesn't require a cloud distribution point:



We are using version 10.31 so I will give the deployment integration a shot, instead of using a policy.

Thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't noticed that option when I was doing my first tests a few months ago.