NoMAD Login screen off center


Hi all,


I know this isn't the NoMAD Login support channel but just asking on the off chance anyone else out there has found a workaround to this issue since Jamf Connect is the commercial version of NoMAD.


When using a Macbook Air (M1), the NoMAD Login screen randomly goes off center with black bars on 2 sides as if the resolution of the background image is smaller than the screen's and it isn't "stretching" to fill. No other Google result out there except for a single report here about 9 months ago which remains open.




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Ours do the same. The only time I've seen it fullscreen is after a logout.

No solution as of yet.

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We have run into the same issue today. I found this inquiry dated four months ago. Any chance a solution has been located?

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Same issue here on M1 MacBook Pro but not on Mac mini. Any solutions? 

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This was happening for me as well. Using a custom background image that is the resolution of the screen solved the issue on our M1 MacBook Airs.

what's the resolution? got the same issue on M1 2021.

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Got the same issue on Intel MacBook 2017 with latest Monterey 12.5 installed.

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Same problem here as well. Any update on this would be highly appreciated.

Addendum: The latest progress, also since source code repository moved to GitHub, seems to be tracked here 

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I just ran into this issue too on a Mac Mini M1 connected to a KVM over HDMI to a 1080p display. It was working just fine and while working on some future changes I removed the PolicyBanner file in /Library/Security and the problem started happening on boot up. Once a user logs in and back out the NoMAD Login screen is centered.

I re-installed the policy banner and bingo, it NoMAD Login screen behaves...