Upgrade from Jamf Connect 1.x to 2.0 - LaunchBrowser Setting

Contributor II

We're testing our upgrade process and noticed some curious things about the LaunchBrowser feature highlighted in https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/discussions/36856/the-new-version-of-jamf-connect-is-now-available

Firstly, it doesn't appear that creating "The preference key name is LaunchBrowser and it's a boolean that's embedded in the WebBrowser dictionary" does anything to the app. This dictionary and key don't appear in the JC user guide either. As always, this feature does appear to be togglable by the end user in the form of a checkbox to the right of their browser selection dropdown menu.

If checked, JC will open the browser of choice and renew their Okta session token. If unchecked then the browser will not be opened.

In it's current state the purpose of this checkbox is not clear to the end user. Even after users toggle it on and off, they're still unsure whether they should leave it on or off. It would be great if the checkbox had context information attached, such as "Launch Your IDp Dashboard Upon Sign-In".

Has anyone experimented with this feature yet?