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Security track, don't be scared!

Hey everyone! I encourage you all to take a look at some security focused topics this JUNC even if security "isn't your thing." I have a talk during the track but there are plenty of others that are worth while! If you have any questions about securi...  View more

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Community Engagement Sessions

I'm looking forward to the sessions from our Community Engagement Team; Jeni, Lysette, Kaelie, and Calley! New to Jamf Nation? Never heard of Jamf Heroes? What are the Jammies? The answers to these questions and more will be covered in their can't mi...  View more

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New to JNUC

I am new to JNUC this year and I am very excited - I have been part of multiple teams building sessions designed to support educators in the classrooms. I am working on setting up additional Braindates, please send me ideas for my last two opportunit...  View more

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JNUC Join-ups submissions

Virtual JNUC 2021 is 5 short week away! Today, we are opening the Call for Join-ups where you can submit your virtual Join-up activity (formerly known as Mini-Events). Check out the Join-up link for more details. Submissions close on October 1st, so ...  View more

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So who else is presenting?This my second year. I'll be talking about my new tool `scriptorium` which allows you to easily edit, track changes and version your Jamf Pro scripts.  View more

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"External" activities?

I know for the meatspace conferences there are usually evening activities. There were some "extracurricular" activities last year despite everything being online - like a running group on Strava. Anything like that happening this year?  View more

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Side quests?

If you participated last year, remember the fun little "side quest" for lack of a better term that Jamf provided last year to earn points? Go to this session... visit this booth... say hello to this person... What do you think this year's gonna be, i...  View more

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Favorite kind of session?

I’m excited for JNUC and to see what other people are doing with Jamf. I like the geeky, scripty, hacky, sort of stuff that solves unique problems by glueing together commonly used tools. I'm curious what kinds of sessions other people like.  View more

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JNUC Events

I've always enjoyed the user meetups after the sessions each night at JNUC. I know there was a tab on previous JNUC websites for events after sessions, game nights, meetups at the local bars, etc.Last year, I remember some of these events still happe...  View more

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Everyone knows the best part of conferences is filling up their loot bags with all the goodies! I'm excited to see what's going to be available here as well. Of course the sessions are the primary goal :P. I was going to be a presenter but unfortunat...  View more

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