Maybe we’ll see a virtual meet up room?


It’d be great if there was a link to a “virtual hallway” to catch up with others who we may have forgotten their name but could recognize in a virtual chat room.  The social aspect is sorely missed during virtual JNUC. 


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Hi and thanks for the message. We will have a way to solve for that virtual hallway chat. See my message regarding Braindates at Virtual JNUC 2021. In addition to that, we do have some other networking opportunities planned that we will too. More details soon! 

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Community Manager

I love where your mind is at @tdilossi! While I don't have the power to create a virtual hallway (though Jeff is working hard on this!), I can help in a smaller way! After this year's Jamf Heroes session (Thurs., Oct. 21 @ 10 a.m. CDT), we'll open up a Zoom room for Heroes (and prospective Heroes) to join. That way you can all say hi! And you, a seasoned Hero, may even be able to answer questions for those considering joining the program. 😉 The info for that Zoom room will be at the end of our session. 🙂