Wish I could be there!

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I'd love to go to one but I will be watching the virtual event like a hawk! Hope everyone attending has a great time!


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Same. Covid has turned me into a bit of a hermit crab and I now only go out to places where I can socially distance and feel halfway comfortable. I suspect some sessions or events will be packed in like a can of sardines. Not covid related but I don't do airplanes anymore either. I used to fly back in the 90's so much I had a Delta Skymiles card, but my Diabetes diagnosis in the latter part of the decade sealed the deal. Too many invasive searches and doctors notes even pre-9/11. 

I'm glad it's still being offered virtually and hope it's near the east coast or the midwest at some point.

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Same for me! I want to be there however the situation change and I reschedule it to next year! Hope that in 2023 I will be there and meet with all of you! 

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Same for me. unfortunately its my son's birthday and i think the wife would unalive me if i went lol

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I've got my virutal tickets, and thank goodness - Hurricane Fiona is about to hit us on the east of Canada tonight, and i think my family would kill me if i was flying to San Diego on monday considering we most likly wont have power in the aftermath

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I'll have to attend virtually again this year but I'm really looking forward to it! This is a really rough time for me to go anywhere with our school schedule.

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Same! I have had so much fun in the past at JNUC with co-workers and friends from the community. It's sad to be missing it. 🥺

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2023 for sure ;)

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It'd be nice to finally attend one.


Can't wait for 2023.  Couldn't attend this year, but really wish I could have.  Austin, TX next year!


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Definitely wish I were there! I got a twinge of the old heart when seeing everyone waiting for the Keynote to start. Next year, hopefully!


Thankful for the Virtual conference offering as I know I will probably never get to one in person as I'm down under in New Zealand and my employer would never send me to one!


Same here. I had everything planned and booked to attend in person but then got sick and unable to travel. So sad to not be there... Would have been cool.