Auto Device Enrollment

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Hello my boss wants me to help setup auto drive enrollment for our devices in my org i never done anything like this before but i’ve been doing some research

and i am confused on the whole jamf connect, we have a prestage enrollment created when computers are added to the group that will put them through the auto deployment which has been giving us issues for a while now

my boss wants me to upload a jamf connect pkg file to the enrollment packages section on our prestage enrollment but i dont know how to do that

any help and advice on auto device enrollment within jamf would really help.


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You can do it three different ways:

  • Mac Apps - there is an option to install JamfConnect. pkg via Jamf App Catalog this way is great, because it it based on a Smart Group and will update automatically.
  • Pre Stage Enrollments - Enrollment Packages - you can add the JamConnect.PKG here it will install during the enrollment process
  • Policies - Create a Jamf Connect Enrollment Policy and make the Trigger on Enrollment

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i am literally having the same issue the jamf connect window will pop up during auto enrollment and will just give us a spinning cirlcle and nothing will happen i would have to shut down the computer and then it will work as normal it is not a smooth process at the moment we have a prestage and a policy setup but for the prestage my manager slacked me the jamf connect dmg he had setup i wonder if by him sending it over to me can cause some sort of hiccup versus he just uploading the package on his end