Automatically start update for McAfee

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Hi All,

We currently are using McAfee Endpoint Protection and we would like to at least have it update automatically.

Able to know if there is a script that we can use to do just that?

Sorry as I am literally new in scripting.


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I recommend reaching out to McAfee with this question. Whether the app supports auto update or not is on the vendor, and if it does support auto update the vendor should be able to provide direction on how to enable auto update.


In my experience most security tools like McAfee handle updates from their admin console with no MDM shenanigans needed.

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McAfee is fun. Joking. 

Do you have an A/V admin there? From what I recall, we had to pull packages from McAfee, but it depended on what products you were using. Be sure to test all of it. For the auto-update, you may have to talk to the A/V admin to see if they locked it down or not.

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Got it. I have also contacted McAfee and waiting for their reply. Thanks a lot.