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Unknown Enrollment Type

I am working through migrating computers using the tools provided by Jamf. I've been encountering this issue.When doing the actual enrollment everything appears completely normal and finishes as expected. The first sign something is wrong is that whe...  View more

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Sonoma Lock Screen wont take correct password

Is Anyone else experiencing this? We have our screen saver set to come on after 10 minutes, and needs to be unlocked to get back into the device. I have an Intel device that will not accept the "correct" password. Have to reboot it to allow me to log...  View more

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macOS Sonoma with JAMF Connect

Hello,I've recently upgraded a MacBook to macOS 14, but Jamf Connect (2.27.0) is not working properly.When i log off, i see just the normal Sonoma Logon-Screen.Is there a new setting?Do i need to turn off Filevault?Thanks!  View more

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Okta App Configuration

Has anyone got the App Configuration working with Okta on the IOS app? I would love to prefill some setup information just like I do with the Outlook app. Thanks in advance for the guidance.  View more

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EDR / USB Device Control Software for Macs

Hello Everyone,I am looking for a product that controls external storage devices when plugged into a Mac. For example, when a user plugs in a flash drive, if the flash drive is encrypted, then allow read-write permissions, if it is unencrypted allow ...  View more

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Remote file copy

Requirement: need to get check in / current ip of all the machines for about 1k machines in the network on regular intervals.Since the Jamf server does not keep record of check in IPs, planning on scheduling a script to run every 15 minutes on all ma...  View more

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Two Questions - Users and Asset Information

1. How do users function? Are the Users in the Users menu on the left hand side of the screen only users created in the Users and Groups menu in Setup, or can these users be created elsewhere or imported from Azure? We are connected to Azure and I ca...  View more

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JNUC 2023 streaming issue?

It's 8 minutes past the start time and I'm connected to the live stream of the JNUC 2023 keynote. All I'm seeing is some kind of ad about visiting 5 or more sponsors on a loop and there is no audio at all. Am I connected to the right stream? Even tho...  View more

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customization for JAMF LAPS

with Jamf 10.50 pro cloud now, we have JAMF laps using JAMF api. (https://learn.jamf.com/bundle/technical-paper-laps-current/page/General_Requirements.html)however, i do have 2 question.1. Can we define the password requirement for JAMF laps? Lets sa...  View more

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Unable to revoke Apps from VPP locations

I am unable to revoke the Apps from VPP locations on Jamf Pro. These Apps have been removed from App Store. On Jamf Pro, Settings > Global > Volume purchasing, they appear:-NAME: No NameContent Type: UnknownTOTAL: 20IN USE: 0REPORTED: 20I did try "Re...  View more

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Blocking MacOS Sonoma installer

Hello all I am blocking Macos Sonoma beta with two different restricted software setups, one is Install macOS Sonoma beta.app and the other is "Install macOS 14 beta.app" Im using both just to be safe and make sure I catch the installer . With the pr...  View more

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Setting up BYOD mobile devices in Jamf

Hello All I am trying to setup BYOD for mobile devices, we only need to push a password requirement to these phones. i have user enrollment enabled but I have a question regarding managed apple id's. Will the users need to have a managed apple id in ...  View more

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Old Roster Data in Apple Classroom on iPadOS

We currently roster Apple Classroom through Apple School Manager using staff and student Managed Apple IDs. While everything worked as expected last school year, we've run into an issue this school year. We decided not to wipe/re-enroll our devices o...  View more

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Required Citrix Engineer - Bloomington, IL

Job Title - Citrix AdminLocation - Bloomington, ILType- Contract Job Description: Desired candidate will serve as L3 admin, who will help us support the remote enterprise DC from offshore.• Provide technical support, monitoring, maintenance and troub...  View more

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macOS 14 Sonoma release

Hi Jamf team,Currently macOS 14 Sonoma Beta version is released, and we are actively testing the compatibility on same. Please do share any challenges faced with this version and when is the actual version release expected ?Moreover, when will be CIS...  View more

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JAMF extensions attributes script

Hello I am new to scripting and i found this script online and i showed it to my boss he said "the script is good and it will work" he then asked me "how would that script look if it were to be in jamf extension" Here is the script i showed him i am ...  View more

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Jamf PRO and Intune Integration

Hi Nation, I hope you are all well.I am trying to set up Intune Integration for Compliance, however every article I seem to find is around Conditional Access which is legacy, I can not find anything that details guidance for Device Compliance and the...  View more

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Adobe Acrobat as default PDF Handler (Mac OS)

I've seen a bunch of posts on how to set Adobe Acrobat as the default PDF handler on Mac OS, but it seems as new versions of the OS comes out many of these may have broken. We are currently running Monterey, is that any methods that work on this OS? ...  View more

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