Can it get the info of my iphone's "find my device" turned off or not from mac terminal?

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I was trying to get iphone device informations from terminal

I could get many things from termnal but i was wondering if i can get the information of find my device is turned on or off from my mac terminal.

I was searching for it but could not find any command line script or anything else .. Can any one help me out please?


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iOS does not have a terminal or CLI interface that can be accessed locally or remotely from another device like a Mac.

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I have found libimobiledevice which can communicate ios device via mac terminal and get informations about connected iphone through usb cable.   

I have almost all the things that i need but i wanted to get the find my phone status  detection info . like is it on or turned off.. also is any apple id is logged in via that iphone or associated with the iphone or not.