Could not reset Users PW or delete the User!

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i have troubles to reset the PW of a hidden Admin account we have on our local clients. I got the message that the password could not be reset because the old password is needed. In this case i delete the user and recreated it again, this now returns the same message.

"Local admin user exists. Resetting password... An error was encountered while attempting to change the password. /usr/bin/dscl exited Permission denied. Please enter user's old password:<dscl_cmd> DS Error: -14090 (eDSAuthFailed) passwd: DS error: eDSAuthFailed."

Is it possible to do a "hard" delete of the user without knowing the password?


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@bobach You cannot delete an account if it is the last one with a Secure Token (see for an explanation of what that is if you're not familiar with the term)

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You can boot the mac to recovery mode and reset the password there.