Deploying Certs using Config Profile

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We need Macbooks/iMacs to receive a Root cert and another cert from the CA. I have copies of the certs and wanted to test deploying these certs directly to the device with a config profile. When I go to upload the cert to the config profile, there's a field that says "password to secure certificate credentials."

We talked to a Jamf engineer and he wasn't too sure if it's something we make up, or if it's something generated when exporting the cert. 

Anyone ever deploy certs this way?


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If you don't have a password, then I would test leaving it blank when prompted. If it has a password you would have made it when the CA was made. You can't just set it when the jamf prompt appears, it either has one or not, you can't set it here.

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I am deploying our primary root certificate with a configuration profile. That works well. There is no need to fill in a password. I create a configuration profile, load up the certificate and scope it to the needed smart computer group