Devices losing connection to Jamf


I'm hoping someone has come across this issue and figured out a solution other than wiping, deleting the object and having the device re-enroll in a Prestage environment.

I am getting devices that are losing connection to Jamf.  I verified with the user that they are still using the device and have an internet connection however, the device will not report into JAMF.  At times it may be to a system board replacement or the end user did a timemachine backup and restored the complete backup instead of just the users profile.


The only partial fix I found is the run "sudo jamf enroll -prompt" and authenticate the JSS and SSH username.  What this does is creates another object within Jamf which is great.  However, there are no management commands from that object nor does it seem to update configuration profiles.  That is a deal breaker.

So I thought it may be wise to renew the MDM Profile but I cannot do that within JAMF since there are no management commands.  I can't make a smart group and do a mass action command because the new object does not show as an option.  Only the original broken object shows as an option to put into a smart group.  Same if I try a static group.

Policies will run after "sudo jamf enroll -prompt"

I tried to update the MDM Profile by physically going to the device and running "sudo profiles renew -type enrollment" but I end up getting the following error when I attempt to apply the update.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 12.38.48 PM.png

At this point I am stuck.  Not sure what the error means.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Does running a "sudo profiles renew -type enrollment" fix anything?  I've used that when I get the "New profile does not meet criteria to replace existing profile" error.  Usually I go check that the management account credentials are correct or even there in the computer record as well.

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I'm also seeing weirdness on wiped machines as well as existing machines that give a device signature error (run recon through terminal).  What I've found I had to do was send a remove MDM command from Jamf Pro, and then when all the profiles are removed, I can then go back and manually enroll it and then everything starts working.  This has become almost a daily dance in our environment for net new/reimaged/machines dropping jamf DB connections.