Enable standard users to add Profiles

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Our wifi requires that a profile containing several certificates be installed, and Monterey+ requires admin credentials to do this.  This creates an unnecessary burden in the case of sysprep, changed passwords, and certificate updates. I'd like to allow standard users to add/remove profiles (that aren't managed by Jamf Pro).  I'd hoped this would be as simple as it was to enable standard users to modify date/time settings, but the "security authorizationdb" command did not work for Profiles.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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If it is just to add certificates for WiFi you should look into the AD CS connector and SCEP, with this integration you can push the certificate to the device with a configuration profile



Thank you for that suggestion.  That might just be the ideal solution here, if we can make that work.

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I dont think what you are asking is possible. However, there is no reason JAMF could not deploy the configuration profile containing the certificate or one that builds the certificate.