Google LDAP mini mac with Monterey 13.5.2 Login Spins

New Contributor

I am trying to use Google LDAP to authenticate users logging into a mac lab, but I have had nothing but issues.  

The Google LDAP search is successful finding the user account, but fails with a LDAP search with (&(|(objectClass=automount))(|(automountKey=xxxxx))) failed with NO_SUCH_OBJECT. The log in process just spins and spins.  No local profile is created. I have removed all configuration profiles for the Mac and it is connected via Ethernet.  

I've followed these instructions and when I test using ldapsearch, it completes successfully.  This is the first lab of macs I have used JAMF for, so I am most likely missing a step somewhere. We have Google LDAP setup successfully for logging into the lab software on the MiniMacs. 

Any suggestions for troubleshooting or even which logs I should look at would be greatly appreciated.  I am very close to giving up and using Active Directory.

Thank you!