Implementing SUPERMAN for Updates

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Has anyone successfully implemented SUPERMAN for their MacOS patching? I've got in place the Config for the settings I want, I have the API set and an policy to deploy out SUPERMAN. Question now is that if I set everything through the config file and deploy out SUPERMAN does it's own thing in the background and from a management standpoint I don't know what its doing. The first time deployment I can see that its pulling the device info, can see its authenticating with the API and then says that Jamf is the parent process, restarts super in LaunchDaemon then Jamf gets nada after that. The local log shows exactly what its doing. At the end of the log it restarts all deadline counters and the workflow schedules itself to relaunch after the time I set.

So my question is, has anyone been using Super and figured out a process to see the logs of what its doing on the devices? I'm still in the testing phase as I want to know what to expect before pushing it out to actual user devices. I'd also like to know if there is an issue before 3 months out a device has still not updated at all and I have to go looking through logs stored locally on the device.



I think your suppose to be able to use extension attributes pull out info from the logs I though this was suppose to help However I have'nt had much sucess in getting it working.

But super is working great for major updates which is what we plane to use it for.

I've got that added as well in hopes I would get a status but all I have is under the device inventory > Extension Attributes the name of the extension but nothing else. 

It was suggested to use the log collection option from the marketplace but I haven't had a chance to look through the whole process to get that setup or if it lets me choose what log its pulling as I know the Super log can get pretty big.


Because of what super does, you really do not want super running from a policy that keeps running until super finishes because that would also stop Jamf from performing any other policies until super has finished. this is all because softwareupdate in some circumstances can take several hours to download a macOS update, and then several more hours to prepare the update before installing. As such, it runs in the background on the computer.

If you really want the log file, you could set up an EA to capture a cat or tail of /Library/Management/super/super.log and/or one or more of the other log files in /Library/Management/super, but as they can get big, you may want to consider what you really need.