Inventory Update Computer

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How can I force a inventory update from the console for 1 specific computer?  I know I can do this via 

the command line option: sudo jamf recon , but I would like to do this from the console. 


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For one computer, i would just go to the policy logs for the computer and flush the last Daily Inventory (or whatever frequency) . The next time the computer checks in with Jamf, it will re-run the inventory policy. 

Alternatively, create a policy with just and inventory update with "Once Per Computer" and scope the computer to this policy. Result is the same. 

There is nothing more immediate unfortunately. (I have a seen tricks that use profiles and scripts to force an immediate check-in, but I don't remember where I saw it.) 

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thank you

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You could utilize Jamf Remote for this. Either check the box for "Update Inventory" with that machine selected, or you can send the terminal command.