iOS: Device Settings/Configuration Help

New Contributor

I am being tasked with configuring 68 iPads (one group of  50, another of 18) in two primary roles - Teaching iPads and Testing iPads. Where there is some overlap in the basic settings and apps, there are some device settings I'm having trouble even finding Jamf articles on. Can anyone possibly just steer me in a good direction if one exists? Search results (and terms) tend to point more towards macOS than iOS and I'm having trouble even getting relevant iOS articles. -- Thanks!

I have 4 main items to work on:

  • Screen Orientation:  I'm familiar with using the rotation lock setting to lock the orientation as I'm using an iPad but is there a way to set and lock this from within Jamf as device setting?
  • TimeZone: Set device to EST (I figured this out; Location Services were off even though my time zone was correct)
  • Browser: Set a homepage in Firefox. Addt'l wish list - launch FF in Incognito mode. These are for testing and we want it to not remember anything. (Disable cookies perhaps as part of this?)
  • Keyboard Click: Disable keyboard clicks. (I believe I've already found that this is not possible because there is no setting for it? Volume also does not appear to effect this?)