Issues fully enrolling Monterey VM (VMware Fusion)


It's been a while since working with VMs and enrolling them into Jamf Pro. I've been able to seemingly get the VM enrolled using ADE, but it's in a weird state. According to Jamf only 5 profiles are installed, yet quite a few more than that are present on the Mac. However, not all of them that should be there are there. When looking at the computer record in Jamf Pro, it appears as if it's stuck in a loop of installing/reinstalling a majority if not all the profiles again and again...

I'm kind of at a loss as to what's going on and how to address.

Jamf Pro 10.46.0 (Jamf Cloud)
Host: Monterey 12.6.6 on 2019 Intel MBP
Guest: Monterey 12.6.5 (using same serial and board-id as host)
VMware Fusion 13.0.2


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For those asking how to enrol/set a serial number in fusion. Make the below changes. (Model doesn’t have to match serial)

alt(opt) + Right click VM Choose edit config file

Change the following line (from True) smbios.restrictSerialCharset = "FALSE" ​

Add the following lines SMBIOS.use12CharSerialNumber = “true"​

hw.model = "MacBookPro17,1​"

serialNumber = "SERIAL HERE"

Do this before you compete your install if you’re wanting to test ADE (DEP)

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Just be aware JAMF does not support managing VM's. So experiences may vary. VMWare does not set all the identifiers that you need to manage a Mac. Try to add the information to the vmx file below. This is the default path, the .vmx can be anywhere you saved the VM

/Users/{user account}/Virtual\ Machines.localized/{VM Name}/{VM Name}.vmx

The lines below need to be added, for the SN and model put the necessary information for what you are trying to emulate. 

/Users/{user account}/Virtual\ Machines.localized/{VM Name}/{VM Name}.vmx

serialNumber = "VM000000000#"
SMBIOS.use12CharSerialNumber = "TRUE"
hw.model = "iMac19,2"


I modified the VMX file to add these items before the VM ever booted. I'm using the serial and model of the host Mac and first removed it from Jamf.

What's curious is that the device properly displays the Remote Management screen and otherwise appears to be successful. It's when it starts throwing up dialogs about various system extensions, etc that I realized that something was wrong. In Jamf the computer record says there are 5 profiles installed but in the Profiles pref pane, there are many more, but less than there should be. When looking at Management History I see that it lists a bunch of profiles as having been completed but those same items are listed under pending too. Nothing listed under failed.

I've tried numerous times to get this working and it keeps failing.