Jamf App Catalog Install Failures

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Hey everyone,

Having an issue with jamf app catalog installations. Some machines just seem to randomly not want to install the app. These machines are very similar, it's a computer lab, but one machine will install successfully and its neighbor will fail.

My question is how do I investigate this further plus all I see in the console is that it failed with no real information and also has anyone else experienced this and was able to fix it.


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In order to troubleshoot, you need to look to the Management History of a machine, Jamf App Catalog utilizes MDM Commands.


Computer -> Computer Inventory Record -> History Tab -> Management History

Then look for the Failed Command, Select Retry on the Failed Computer within Jamf App Configuration in another Tab & Monitor the MDM Commands Status.

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I have used a combo of Jamf App Catalog and Patch Management for some apps. Once in a while, I'll go in and click Retry all failed.




I see this too. And none of the computers have failed MDM commands in their computer record. Not sure if their just getting purged before I have a chance to see them or what.

It's not limited to a certain app, they all have high failure rates. I also periodically re-push through this method.

I think this is one of Jamf's newer features. Kinda seems buggy.