MacOS Monterey to Ventura update M1 Mac

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Hello Everyone, I am trying to update mac m1 computers from monterey to ventura using full fetch installer. When i run the command in terminal manually it will download the latest ventura installer which is good but when i tried it in jamf by creating a script and policy and pushed it to test m1 computer it will fail. Error that i got in jamf logs was installation failed... Any other ways or script to put in jamf to push updates to m1 mac from monterey to ventura? Appreciate you help on this. 


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What version of Monterey are you upgrading from? I found that 12.6.1 to 13.0.1 or 13.1 s best.  See if you need an incremental.  I have not had to script any thing to update just yet but it is possible someone will chime in. 



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Hi @mforeman1 If you have only 1 policy created complete this task, this may fail if the user is getting disconnected from the network or is user turns down the device. You can try to create two policies (one to initiate the download, then another policy that checks if the installer is downloaded completely and then to install it). Suggest you to test this before pushing it to your production.

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Erase Install is the easiest way I've come across to update

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Download the installer .pkg from Mr.Macintosh or and deploy it to your fleet. Keep it simple.

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Yes, you can automate macOS Ventura updates with Nudge and Erase Install. Workflow linked here.