New install on macOS Sonoma, request new password but won't accept it

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Our company recently installed Jamf on our Mac. Me and some colleagues on Sonoma are locked out of our accounts because a new password is required but the password is not accepted. In short:

  1. No Jamf installed. All is well.
  2. Upgrade to Sonoma. All is well. 
  3. Install Jamf. Accept the certificate, check it out in System Preferences. All seems well.
  4. When the screen saver lock kicks in, try to log back in.
  5. A new password is requested. Enter it, in both fields. 
    1. Password is rejected because "Your password does not meet the requirements of the server."

Some notes:

  • The built-in macOS password check shows all rules in green.
  • I did try every password config that would make sense, no luck, and I don't think that's it
  • I'm very puzzled about the need for "the server" to see my local admin password, WTF?!




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Worth mentioning:

  1. As I was effectively locked out of my account, I did a hard reset
  2. Reboot and log in with the old password
  3. The password reset prompt returns

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Looks like you have a password policy/Configuration profile with this attribute set:

Change at Next Authentication (macOS 10.13 or later)
Force password reset on next user authentication.

Facing the same issue. Our password policy does not have have "Change at Next Authentication (macOS 10.13 or later)" set

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Obviously, but the thing doesn't work.

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From a different company, but same issue. Is there a solution yet?

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We also face the same issue. 

Unfortunate for us is that our FileVault 2 keys are also lost. 

Is there a fix yet ??? 

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I also have the same issue. I guess this is an issue on macOS Sonoma. I had to exclude the computer from the password policy to fix this. Anyone else have a solution?

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i've managed to solve this issue by doing the following steps:

1) enter into recovery mode (it might prompt you for the recovery key)

2) reset the password via the terminal

3) reboot and login

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Yes, but this resets the keychain passwords as well which will be another problem for most users.

sorry.. what do you mean resetting the keychain passwords?

Once you reset the password using the recovery mode, the saved passwords on keychain are all lost. This means you need to connect your Wi-Fi again, enter your email passwords, iCloud password, etc.

Un-fortunately, we are in a situation where we do not have a FileVault recovery key. 

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Try to remove this computer from the scope of password policy and try to login with the same password.

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What worked for us (on a single machine, not a solution in scale) was to deploy a config profile with password requirements, and then revoke it. then for some reason macos accepted a new password when entered...

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hi @angelohuang thanks for putting this article together.. is there an official announcement from Apple regarding the bug fix and which version specifically it has been addressed? thanks