Only allow login to managed Apple ID

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I created managed Apple IDs for my students in Apple School Manager. After I imported the Users to Jamf Pro and assigned iPads to the users. Now my students need to log into their managed Apple ID on the iPad. But they are also able to log into their private Apple ID. Is there a smart way to only allow them to log into the managed Apple ID?

Thanks for any ideas!

M. Laurenz


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Hi @mlaurenz

Had this question not to long ago and the answer I got from Apple was that you cannot restrict which apple IDs can be used on a device. You can only allow or deny ALL apple IDs regardless of the type. 






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I'm a Jamf School User, so not sure if this works the same. We lock the student devices so they are not able to change/edit/remove accounts with a Restrictions Profile. In School, its under Profiles > 9Create a new profile) > Restrictions > scroll to User modifications and turn off "Allow modifying account settings (E-mail, contacts, calendars, iCloud & iTunes Store)" 

This locks the device to one Apple ID and doesn't allow the student's the ability to switch to a personal account.

Good Luck!

Greg Bobbett

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You cannot limit which AppleID signs in. Just whether any AppleID can be used or not at a blanket level. The best you could do is allow them to sign in, then lock it down. However you have no control over what they sign in with.